Learn About The Mayan Horoscope

Without any doubt, the Mayan culture struck humanity considerably, by changing the prevailing conception of art and science, in a manner such that many of the discoveries and developments of this amazingly rich culture with us until these days. The most notable of the Mayan civilization was the cultural diversity that comprised peoples who were concentrated under its aegis. Continue to learn more with: Salar Kamangar. For example, estimated that the Mayan language was some forty-four different languages, to which hundreds of dialects should join. It is not that the culture maya this dead, because many of their descendants still remain in the Central American area, and speak any of these languages that has survived the passage of time and the Spanish conquest. Another of priceless legacies that this town has left us is his own version of the tarot. During the more than 30 centuries that the Mayan culture had prevailed upon this earth, their scholars made amazing discoveries on astronomy and mathematics, and very soon perceived the close relationship between the stars and the fate of human beings. As a result, the Mayan horoscope arose as a natural corollary of their investigations and observations. The Mayan calendar has one still higher accuracy than the Gregorian calendar we use today in the exact measurement of the solar year, and not only that, but rather its complexity was even greater.

The Mayans had two simultaneous calendars: the Tzolkin, which lasted for 260 days; and the Haab, with 18 months of 20 days each, over a period of five days each year, which were not considered part of the regular calendar were left out of the accounts. The Mayan horoscope had thirteen signs, in comparison with European horoscope, in which there was only twelve. Each Mayan sign has a duration of twenty-six days, and they are inspired by the animals that made up the rich local fauna: bat, Scorpion, deer, owl, Peacock, lizard, monkey, Hawk, Jaguar, Fox, snake, squirrel and turtle. This classification has much logic. Is almost possible to say that We could classify all people we know by placing them in one of these zodiac signs. Who does not know a Fox or a Peacock? The Mayans were skilled observers of human nature.

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