Luminous PrehKeyTec Keyboard Illuminates Every Environment

Rugged keyboard for extreme environments with key illumination PrehKeyTec, specialist in data entry systems and keyboards, presents a new keyboard with backlit keys at the EuroCIS and CeBIT shows. Precise work is possible with the USB keyboard SIK 2500 even in places with low ambient light. The robust keyboard manufactured to industry standards is resistant to dirt and water spray and ideal for environments with extreme requirements such as butcher shops, bakeries, or machinery. Weak light conditions often bring constraints on working with keyboards. Therefore, we have developed the new keyboard SIK 2500. She can be always and everywhere simply operated, because she can be used by the illuminated keys even in environments, which are little illuminated”, Rolf H. explains Ilse man CEO of PrehKeyTec GmbH. additional light sources when working with the keyboard are therefore superfluous.

This creates better working conditions in areas that require work in the dark.” At the Black keyboard you can see on the brightly lit keys even in the dark, which button was pressed. Red LEDs shine through each key and brighten up letters, characters and numbers. In addition, two status LEDs num lock and CAP buttons serve permanently as a light source. The light according to both the brightness and duration and intensity of illumination of the buttons are individually adjustable. Rough situation conditions with dust, dirt, oil or spray water specialist for extreme conditions often lead to errors and failures on conventional keyboards. The new PrehKeyTec keyboard is therefore equipped with a particularly robust design with spraying water and Crumb protection for areas with extreme environmental requirements such as bakeries, butchers or machinery. The keyboard SIK 2500 is certified in accordance with protection class IP65 and therefore completely resistant to dust and resistant to spray and spray water. In demanding retail environments, as well as in the industry the keyboard can be not only used durable because they is immune to dirt, but due to the EPOXY coating also resistant to abrasion.

That the keyboard is ergonomically designed, its also in continuous operation easier. The volume of the Keycklicks when the keystroke is individually adjustable, so that the user finds the tactile feedback that is desired by him when entering. The setting key codes is possible via the USB interface without further ADO. The keyboard layout is available in German or international layout and has about an 18 mm key grid.

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