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We must send an email for the companies of host before contracting any plan. To send to the support department some emails, in different schedules, to only verify the rapidity with that they answer. We really need to choose one host that it has quality support. We must have the certainty that we will be able to talk with a human being will be necessary. To the times, this is the way fastest to decide a problem. Using to advantage this chance we will ask on the resources that host offers. If she has a characteristic that we need and is not listed in the characteristics of the plans, we need to ask if it is, or can be added. We do not forget in them to measure the time of that the email led to be answered.

To ask for to the company of lodging of sites a list with some sites that are housed in its servers is good a practical one, with the list in hands will go to verify if the sites load fast, will be able to send an email to the owners of the site (in the proper page of contact) and also to ask to them if they are satisfied with the service who are receiving. If host if to refuse to inform any site that is housed with it, we must eliminate this candidate. An important tip is to prevent serving NT, Mac and Cobalt. The best servers of lodging web are the based ones on Unix. For 95% of the people, a server based on Unix is the best option. Many people if scare when they hear to speak in Unix therefore they can think that it is difficult to use. In the reality however, it is more easy to use a server based on Unix of what the other existing options. All the novices, and even though some advanced desenvolvedores, will go to benefit themselves to have a panel of easy control to use to make the management of the site, Whenever we are to contract a service of host we must verify if they offer a control panel as cPanel, for example.

The last step is to certify if host offers some type of guarantee of uptime (time online). Some companies offer a guarantee of uptime of 99%, and if the site is not until much, you start the month you are gratis. Meanwhile it will not bring in return the potential customers who you lost, it makes to stimulate hosts to have its servers until the possible maximum. It has care many companies of lodging of sites explore its customers with prices nonsenses. We must have care not to spend very with one host, since today a service of good quality can be offered from R$5,00. It confers the prices of this site of lodging

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