When people end up creating his blog carried the question: How can I take advantage to my blog?. On this topic there is no single formula for success and what has worked for one may not work at all for others, or vice versa. Today blogs have focused on trying to get income through PPC (pay per Click) systems, being the most used and reliable Google Adsense. It is very unlikely that there are many who can say that they live thanks to Adsense. The truth is that our experience has been strange in this regard. When I wore the AIWH (International Association of Webmasters Hispanic) Adsense we had to support the income of the Organization’s Web portal, and generated on average about $800 monthly serving us to pay the costs of server, domain, and purchasing software for testing and recommendations. A non-profit institution, it was not so with the revenue it was okay.

However with this blog not have generated a penny of revenue by advertising concept through PPC, despite having the ads Adsense showing on each of their pages. We have had to change the mode and search for financial support, albeit marginal, helping us to keep the site running day to day. We opted to sell advertising space, and they correspond to the notices that come in different positions of each page of the blog. We don’t know what happened with Adsense is only our reality or is a widespread evil? He is not that Google does not pay, but that simply users do not click on notices and therefore there is no revenue for that system. A Blog can only be profitable in theory through the publication of advertising in its pages, is not well seen that a blog is used to sell products directly unless it’s a blog of a brand. But some techniques can also be used to save this problem, as for example focus on a very specific topic and publish posts similar to this only.

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