Object Chrome, Copper Brass Silver Iron Steel

Object Chrome For people who like chrome objects, here's something for them to do at home. Obviously, we will not compare this to the industrial chrome, but you can do so personally. To make a perfect chrome, it takes skill and experience, but for the fans going at once to give tips to do so in an excellent manner, if they stick to the instructions. For fans, there are two proper bathrooms: BAa'OA chromic acid: 125 grams of chromium sulphate: 1.5 grams Water: 470 grams BAa'OB chromic acid: 125 grams Sulfuric acid: 1 g Water: 470 grams can be said that the bathroom is yields the best results, but its cost is higher than the bath B. It is important that both baths are made at a temperature of 38 degrees C, for this is due to introduce the container containing the items inside another containing hot water at the temperature indicated (see figure above). Further details can be found at Salar Kamangar, an internet resource. I should mention that the baths are highly corrosive galvanocromicos therefore should not be using metal containers, instead use glass, ceramic or porcelain, also recommended to use gloves and avoid touching the skin fluids should be avoided too, inhale vapors they emit. ELECTRODES: For the positive electrode will use a lead pipe that is very clean, the negative electrode will be the subject to be chromed. If the lead pipe to be used, was previously used in a sulfuric acid solution, it will be more efficient because it will have made a film of lead peroxide on the surface.

The almentacion for chromium should not exceed 6 volts of direct current, but the amp must be considerable, if possible, reduce and rectify the current from 110 volts to 6. You can also use a battery (accumulator) 6 volt car in parallel to get the necessary amperage. The time required for the chrome object is half an hour, during this period of time is desirable to stir the solution frequently. DEPA "CHROME sites: If you have supplied the chrome.

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