Pablo Freire

They had been exactly the variations produced with such purposes that had conditioned the access of the different social groups the language written in some cultures and throughout history. In accordance with this estimated, the reading becomes it base of everything and must be understood as a dynamic process that involves the understanding and the transformation of information, of knowledge. It is not simply enough to learn to decode the signals graphical. The reader must understand the meaning of what he reads to take possetion themselves of this knowledge and to transform it from its personal experience. To read to learn is, then, to extend knowledge from the reading of one determined text. Therefore, one so simple definition of reading could seem evident intuitivamente, but the implications of its interpretation are not so obvious.

Effectively, this definition does not correspond to the conceptions on what it means to read, gifts until few decades in the theoretical panorama, conceptions that still today if can find very active in some pertaining to school methods of learning of the reading. Thus, although the spontaneous recognition of the affirmation, to read is to understand a text, the school contradicts, with certain frequency, such affirmation when basing the education of the reading in a series of activities that if assumes that they will show to the pupils as if reads, in which, paradoxicalally, never the desire is with priority of that they understand what it says the text, remembers to Pablo Freire ' ' the reading of this implies the continuity of the reading of that one ' '. Therefore, to read means to know, to choose, to choose, to decipher, to interpret. To read means to distinguish enters the ideas of the author, of the read text, those that in they are more important, more significant, more suggestive. Through the reading we can extend and deepen knowledge on definitive cultural or scientific field, to increase our personal vocabulary and for consequncia to communicate our ideas of more efficient form.

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