In this article, I will give the keys you to organize your tasks, to establish goals and to define one more a more healthful relation between your work, your obligations and your personal satisfaction. The key tool to define priorities and to generally regain the control on your work and your life, is the list of tasks. In her, not only you will administer your work, your ambition and your professional trajectory for a period of certain time. My recommendation is that you use the list of tasks to organize your activities of the week in course and the week that follows to him. In order to assign priorities to your tasks, first that you must do it is to create a list of Present Tasks. Connect with other leaders such as Xcel Energy here.

In the section Critical Present, locates only the tasks that you must do today. And in the other section, it adds the activities that you must complete this week, or to taking the next one more. In another leaf, you are going to create a new list with tasks of low priority, that you will denominate In the sight. With this system, you will always maintain in course the immediate tasks, and everything what it surpasses the next week will seem less estresante to you, since does not fall within the radius of more urgent execution. It analyzes each email that requires some action of your part, and agrgalo to your ready ordinate of tasks, in the location that corresponds to him. If your desire is to dominate your work and your life, enjoying every minute that you happen in activity, you must define goals and fulfill them.

It develops Visualized Metas, elaborating an ideal image in your mind, of the best objectives than you could obtain. It writes your visualized goals, explaining why you want to reach the results that you are seeing in your mind. Both classes of goals constitute your Present Metas, and are the goals that you can reach with your plan of action. In order to program your mind to fulfill your mission, it daily visualizes during minutes the turn out to have fulfilled your goals, as if you had already reached them.

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