Quick Determining Surface

The new roughness measuring device PCE-RT 11 finishes on their roughness helps us to determine quickly and easily. The roughness of a surface can be easily and accurately, with the new roughness measuring device PCE-RT 11, determined and recorded. The small, mobile device be the roughness depth four determines various parameters of roughness (RA, RZ, RG and RT). The PCE-RT 11 is the exact laboratory instruments in anything. On the contrary, the small, mobile device works with the same piezoelectric micro switch principle, where the handling easy and it determines a high repeat accuracy.

Just a push of a button is needed, because the piezoelectric sensors, which is integrated in the device scans the surface within a few seconds and then immediately digital worth of the four shows (RA, RZ, RG, RT) parameter to. The roughness is a term from the surface physics that determined the roughness of a surface. It is particularly well suited to the new PCE-RT 11 for determining surface roughness on rounded and sloping surfaces. The values of the various parameters are read on a large OLED display with background lighting for the fast the recorded results clearly indicated. Polishing or flooring companies often use a roughness meter for your own quality control and for the inspection of components. The new roughness measuring device PCE-RT 11 PCE Germany GmbH is the best choice with a good price/performance ratio, when it comes to smooth surfaces. Because who finished surfaces or painted to a smooth surface be sure to avoid later complaints.

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