Robert Gates

Israel has potentially conflicting relationships with at least 50 countries of the world, a world where all the non-aligned with the Centre of power ruling, divine certification and rooting sidereal, as we have said, may not provide weapons desired or even for their own defense. On this context, for whom SBI break the established poderil use (and assemble on their own), takes concrete military significance the concept of preventive war or attack, and inflates him also their wings notions such as embargo, outlaws or renegade countries, sanctions, veda to the knowledge that leads to the development of nuclear capabilities or any other mechanism of pressure. No more or less as in the past, when the knowledge in a few and the ignorance in others constituted the most powerful gun. Only the power displayed power. The Palestinians would throw stones at an army better armed in the world. The dream of invulnerability, impossible today to the already exist Nations renegadas with nuclear power (Iran, Korea), however Spurs towards the purism of the offensive and defensive concepts enunciated: the search for the perfect weapon within a closed circle of Nations. What has reinforced beyond the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and its correlative alignments have if situations or renegade States, weaponry is needed to own subsistence and defense.

The order of the established power may not be infringed by the irrationality of the smaller, less if they are armed. And the only established power may be considered vulnerable because threats among equals (such is the doctrine of military power in the world), only capable of rationality on the consciousness of being equipped with weapons of destruction massive. Else, as we said, are renegade States, sort of very dangerous irrational animals with nuclear power (erasable, therefore, for the sake of the stability of the power of one. By the way, to present one soldier of the U.S., Robert Gates weighs a nuclear threat against Iran on the part of the United States, signified by the number).

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