Sell Hartz IV And Life Insurance?

The insurance industry must admit it: not decreasing the number of people who prematurely terminate their life insurance. At least 100,000 contracts per month, the Rede.Genau is information would like to avoid the Insurance Association (GDV). And what is then officially released, sounds like: the total payout to life insurance customers in 2008 for the first time exceeded the 70-billion mark: a total around 72 (2007: 66) were paid out in life insurance billions of euros to customers (+ 8.6%). The importance of life insurance as part of the backup for age, disability and survivors the following comparison also shows: in 2008, the benefits paid out without buybacks reached almost 29 per cent of pension expenditure of the general statutory pension insurance. in 1990, the value had been yet at just under 17 percent.

(GDV Press Conference of March 25, 2009). You could read the whole thing too: the insurance industry must pay out larger and larger sums, fails to mention this rather, how high is the rate of dropouts and comparing rather with an imaginary number of pension expenditure does everything possible to avoid transparency stop. And no one seriously challenged it. No one? Not quite: LV-doctor, a project of the proConcept AG holds the finger in the wound for years. Fact: Because so affected the one or the other insurers react to this situation, he has long made his cut.

A the insurer anyway only the value of the buy-back pay when a citizen announces his life insurance money, so the money that remains after deduction of all costs, on the other hand the insurers take into account so-called cancellation deductions upon premature termination in their process services. The cancellation prints make the insurer, because Yes the customer commitment does not comply with the contract for the originally agreed contract duration to be save. So does the so-called cancellation deduction, the insurer claimed a penalty.

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