Solar Energy Heating

The economy encourages innovations that produce hot water and heating through a transparent glass tile roofs covering. In addition to obtaining hot water and heating through renewable energy such as solar energy, it is a decorative element that integrates fully into the building and the environment. A citizen in Mjas, Malaga has carried out this innovative installation in which the traditional solar thermal collectors, have been replaced by a covering of ceilings of transparent tiles, form the entire deck of roofs used to capture solar energy. To root a work of reform and rehabilitation, in an expansion in its housing, it was decided to install solar thermal but caring for the original architecture and the environment, so it opted for a solar roof active constituted by a covering of transparent glass tile roofs. Under the glass tiles has been placed a sheet of absorbent material of solar radiation, in the space between the two materials is made circular an flow of air that is heated with solar energy to reach temperatures exceeding 80?C. the air is passed through an air-water heat exchanger which transfers solar energy and maintains a usable temperature for direct heating.

The housing can count on up to 80% of the needs of sanitary hot water with 100% of the heating in the floor, just below the ceilings cover given by the solar roof. On the ground floor, the roof solar offers 45% of the heating needs to heat a tank of water that gives coverage to a radiant floor. This installation will prevent 7 tonnes of CO2 per year are issued. Andalusia enjoys a very high number of hours of sunshine and this advantage, compared to other regions of Spain, placed in first line to harness this energy and highlight in the production of electrical and thermal energy from solar energy.

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