Successful Web Site

A good title. It uses a good title so that the users can identify easily than he treats the page Web. A good description.

The description of the site would be in the results of the motors search, tries to make a good description, you do not use many key words in the description. A good navigation. The good sites always have a good navigation, tries to back diminish the use of the bellboys and in front of the navigator. Good positioning of the publicity. If you place AdSense in the site, asegrate that the positioning of AdSense does not relax of the design, there are AdSense seems part of your Web.

You do not place many flashes nor images. Animations in flash and images cause that the site shines better, but also cause that more time takes so that the page unloads. People go away to leave the site if nonload in less than 10 seconds. A good content. To use original content for the site, not to copy content of another page Web, can harm to you in the motors search. Brief. It describes some as simple product as is possible, a long description will be boring for the visitor. Content of another site. You do not place too many news sindicalizadas in the Web site, robs bandwidth. You do not make trap. If you want that your Web site well is seen by the motors search, you do not place any hidden text, nor to often repeat the key words. If it beams the motors search can penalize to the Web site. To use CSS. It designs your Web site using CSS. If you use CSS the site loaded but fast and to make modifications will be but simple. CSS this becoming the standard in the design Web. Original author and source of the article.

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