For women is an undervalued man? Womens devalued men are those who surrenders to the feet, they crave for them, harass them, give them all kinds of gifts, carried the more expensive places to eat, take them shopping, etc. The majority of men think that do all this is fine, because society tells them that while more you put it on a pedestal, more opportunity will have to come up with something with her. The problem with giving all women is that they not use the same logic than men, while men think that by giving all her be it fixed more at us, they see a totally different way, they think that you’re trying to get to its height with all that waste of money you spend to please her, in other words you are trying to reach their height, and I can say something, reaching the height of a woman you can leave on the street. I’m not saying that women are interested or just looking to material things, they see it this way, if you give so much is because you as a person does not have the sufficient value to be at his level, and you try to reach that necessary level with accessories. And the biggest problem with this is that the woman gives a very good value, and you to balance the balance will have to spend much money.

What they do do seducers to not devalue? For average men devalue is the only way they know to conquer a woman, but for seducers, things are very different, they mark their value above women from the first moment. The seducer is a man who radiates superiority to women without reaching the end of arrogance, and them fascinates them men of great value, and I am not speaking of monetary value, I’m talking about value as a person. Maybe now you’re understanding as there are men that they achieve that wealthy women focus on them, is not material that attracts them, attracts them your value as a person. While you spend a fortune trying to seduce a woman, true seducers even manage them to pay the account of the restaurant, because it is she that feels the need to reach your level.

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