Translation of documents (passports, certificates, certificates, diplomas, certificates) – everyone at least once in their lives enjoyed the services of an interpreter or a translation agency. But with the coming into our world of computers and the Internet emerged opportunity to carry out the translation using electronic translators. What can I say – it's convenient, instant and, most importantly, free That's all the positive aspects of such a transfer to an end. No program able to make quality translation at the same high level as if it made a professional translator. Since the language – is a living, dynamic phenomenon, which is in a constant state of development. and master it fully a human being, and not the machine, even the most high tech.

And when it comes to areas such as: legal translation, medical, technical translation, taken for their implementation can only an expert translator with experience only in this, a particular area Even in a simple, seemingly banal and simple translation can prevent serious, sometimes negatively affecting our lives errors, especially if is the translation of legal documents, which require not only accuracy, clarity and reliability, but also knowledge of legal terms, the special vocabulary, characteristic of documents of this type. Each translator confident in their linguistic abilities, but this, unfortunately, this is not enough in translating the document, which is replete with specific terminology. After all, for high-quality translation, we must not simply translate the document, it first of all, should to interpret, but this is impossible if the interpreter does not possess at least a minimal knowledge of the subject perevoda.No there is a downside – if the translator is dokoy with its field of specialization, but he had insufficient knowledge of the language. It can correctly interpret the specific terms, but no more. The most common translations – translation from / into English, translation from and into German, translation from and into Hebrew translation from / to Romanian. Certain difficulties experienced by people who need the translation of legal documents, documents from and into Hebrew. Since the translation should carry a translator, who also owned the least Hebrew and was a practicing lawyer. Thus, a good translator needs to combine a lot of positive and useful qualities, it must be a true expert in their field who can provide not only fast, but quality, professional translation.

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