Functions such as camera control, map navigation, opening and closing voice channels, recording and remote access to software requirements are reduced and require no additional hardware! “Control and monitoring – full integration in control and process control systems why a stand-alone” camera visualization in addition to the visualization of the process control system build, if both systems allow intelligent connect? It comes not at the camera visualization to provide important information to the plant operator or operator? PLS-, camera – and communication interface are provided a team in a control room operator to the targeted intervention available. Based on these considerations, and due to the space in the Betriebsmesswarte the camera and communication system of biomass landfill Asslar was fully integrated 2000 the company ABB in the freelance system. The Webserverapplikation SAMCON trol for this video and audio signals so prepared, that this URL can be called. With this technology, the video client software installation is no longer necessary. The browser, whether installed on the operating system or integrated into the PLS takes over whose task completely.

Using dynamic html scripts (ViewScriptbox – see Figure 3) the user can compose individually desired visualization with map navigation, clustered Videothumbs, lists and Recordingarchiven. The resulting pages can be called manually or automatically (event-triggered) from the PLS. On the biomass landfill Asslar, the camera and communication system has lost their special status in the Betriebsmesswarte. Cameras, headsets, speakers and microphones are to process technical guidance sensors and actuators and flow seamlessly into the process control system. Recording, control and display of live images, opening and closing voice channels are additional functions of the visualization stations! ABOUT SAMCON the SAMCON GmbH was founded in 1992 and is near the town of Marburg (Hesse) resident. The object of the company is the development, production and distribution of devices, software, and engineering services in the field of process control technology. Since 2008, the company meets the requirements of the quality management system of the Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and produced camera and communications applications up to complex CCTV equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres from simple ex-camera monitor.

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