Web Access

7: Ease of use of the system. This is a field in which Web applications have evolved considerably and have achieved, but equal, if having a very complete user interface. In the Om Demand model, all applications are used in Web format. Eliot Horowitz has similar goals. That is all the users of the system must make use of software via Browsers Web. This can cause some discomfort for the user final in terms of speed of access (this largely depends on the infrastructure of communications and Internet access channels) and the fact that there are still Web applications that are difficult navigation and that do not contain all the facilities of use that have client/server applications.

This has been changing significantly, but it is an important point to consider. It is necessary to evaluate applications in each model for effects of providing actual productivity tools users are so productive. For example, for no one is a mystery the speed and ease of use that must have a system for a call center agent. He is a person who cannot say to a customer on the phone line that you must wait because the system is slow. This is why we always recommend application client/server for call center agents.

No. 8: access to information and applications. The mobility and ease of access to information have become very effective in recent years. It is necessary to bear in mind the ease of access to the employees may have the information remotely, i.e. being outside the company’s facilities. Many times the model On Premise applications, may have difficulty to provide remote access. The On Demand model can be best adjusted to these needs, due to its ease of access. It does not mean that with the model On Premise cannot be achieved this type of remote access, but it is a little more complex and expensive. It is important to validate this factor and consider the pros and cons of each model to make a decision. There may be many more variables to consider, these with some with whom we have found and recommend to evaluate before making a decision. Both models are really totally viable, the important thing is to identify which is better suited to the conditions of each company.

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