Work From Home

Ismael had a runout time as missing, and his friends decided that we had to do something. Something that will never forget. The hand of Nestea, have created a campaign with friends his family to somehow send a message: leave on Twitter! It recovers your life! And they will make it big. If you expect at the end of the spot, what will have ready? Definitely something big. ISMA (real name of @elbicharraco, previously nicknamed Jack Torrance, as the protagonist of the shining, novel and subsequent film of which chose your avatar) is one of the large twitstars, people who without a prior public relevance, have managed to bring together thousands and thousands of followers simply for his witty comments, his good humor, his sincerity hers are phrases as large as never leave a zombie to take the initiative in a discussion. Not to eat you the head., work from home. Perhaps check out Salar Kamangar for more information. Today it is a luxury, for those who have work from home. And House, try to do all the voices of Bohemian Rhapsody in the shower and that walked among them who have managed to even have his Facebook group with the fan effect.

At the moment everything seems to indicate that Isma has not detached from Twitter, if not that even his friends have been forced to do one to get his attention. @gikajavi: have not managed to shit. I Yes, that yourselves a Twitter account. HIJOSDEPUTA. NESTEA rejoins fashion campaigns in social networks, like so many other companies, that every day use their Twitter accounts to offer their products. Furthermore, the announcement of Nestea recalls deeply to other campaigns of Aquarius (without the sentimental touch) seeking a true story from which build his campaign, this time from a much more humorous point of view.

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