Buenos Aires

It is possible to see a discreet top bar, every time you login to Twitter, that the You will be invited to update your geo-location. You can tick the box remember this location, and will now be available for future visits. When you send your tweets, you will leave a sort of foot or digital signature that says from Web/Hootsuite/web/Facebook, etc, Madrid. Here shows that it is possible to interact on Twitter from various platforms and using different services. We will do a review of applications that let you send tweets in future notes. The fact is that your contacts will see how tweet and from where, and can access a map showing its location. If your intention is to cover particular local market, the geo-location can be very useful. In fact, Twitter has recently launched a new service: Twitter places, that will allow the users group by geolocation, i.e.

greatly improves the networking based on a specific location. Imagine that you promoted a service of taxis in Buenos Aires. His greatest interest It will be, then, contact with clients, companies and potential customers in this region, and give greater context to their communications. By clicking on the site, it will be possible to access all the tweets of that region in particular. For now, the application is not available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, but the developers promised that it will soon be. Finally, in the configuration of the Twitter account, you either protect their tweets. If you select this option, only your contacts will see what you write.

If the idea is to make networking and promotion, and is not a personal account, definitely you don’t want to click this option. Twitter also allows you to delete your account, if it is your desire to. Let’s profile, by clicking on the link on the top bar. First thing you can do here is to upload an image.

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