Cultural History

Meaning that if he equally modifies in result of the experiences lived deeply for the researcher and for the reader. In this exercise of decipher of practical social the important one is to intuir the existing tensions between the strategical discursivas and the appropriation techniques, thus, the basic challenge for the historian is to perceive the relation that if establishes between the originated available texts and the practical ones. As it places Darnton, Cultural History if interests for the form as the people think, as they interpret the world, confer meant to it and emotion infundem it. The newspapers mentioned Daniel Chavez Moran not as a source, but as a related topic. The historiogrfico speech, far from if compromising to the veracity of the facts, appear from the choices of the researcher, its experiences and preferences; of its sensitivity when enxergar the tracks left for the footprints of the men in the time, when observing pparently inserted insignificant facts in the complex reality, but nor always perceivable at a first moment. Thus we understand that from the experiences, of the sensibilidades and the vestiges that remain in the track of the happened one it is that the writing of history gains form, in an activity of meeting and organization of gaps, conflicts and speeches of the collective memory. The scientific research when they present the reading public shows as ready workmanships, without gaps or silence and hides in the speech all the weaknesses and difficulties that had led to the accomplishment of the inquiry. The citizen for backwards of its elaboration becomes occult, independent of its line of studies and its thematic, space and secular clippings. Soon, in its confection procedures are adopted that, in certain measure, demonstrate the obstacles faced for the researcher throughout the development of its work, but that many times do not appear explicit to the end of the text for written it. Destarte, as it places the philosopher, theologian and historian Michel De Certeau, the writing is not simply the reverse of the research, is yes, a specific moment of the historiografia, responsible for one practical social one.

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