Very interesting effect But initially I really do not liked this door. I looked at it in the catalog and image seemed to me very stupid Now I just know that the glass must necessarily play with light! Any glass door becomes a magical, if not its rays fall light. In the winter I thought would look like now the door Neve And maybe it would have been even more appropriate in the summer in the scorching heat? On it is engraved snowflakes no, it's still a winter fairy tale! Can someone surprised that working with the doors, I I write about them in a poetic form Most would expect that I will say: how do I get all these doors! But sometimes, in moments of calm (when the phone is silent and no customers in the salon) just sit and look at the door. And there are the images Thoughts intertwined Maybe I'm dreamer? Or all, as I saw a thing at once to try on it on yourself? Subfloor – no! It's too gloomy for me Red Dress? No, no, no! It went too provocative A glass door Too much hassle listen to me! Do not cut straight from the shoulder! More closely to learn things. Do not be afraid to ask questions of consultants – that is their job. Maybe you'll learn something valuable, not even related to the purchase, which You are learning now. Production technology, care for a variety of materials, from which the following items, especially fasteners, quality products, reliable manufacturers We know so much! Sometimes you just want Flash knowledge! And you can become more competent in some area (then themselves someone surprise)! And maybe you will surprise friends and loved ones, decorating his house with glass doors? Then maybe it will be one of the doors Factory V-Cristal? Two collections under the names "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2005" can bring into your home the illusion The waves, gulls, a ball of yarn, flower, wings, snowflakes Or maybe you simply will emphasize style, decorated with a smooth matte painting insertion of Murano glass? I will not add anything about these boxes Murano needs no advertising. Do not be afraid that the "fantasy" You do not fit. It can be playful, frivolous fantasy, full of twists and light lines, and perhaps Strict geometry. Twelve colors to choose from for framing "Fantasia" (I mean the box and trim). White frame will add completeness, wenge allocate and draw attention to your "glass whim!

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