Energy-saving Technology For Housing

Energy-saving technology for housing uzhivutsya How old home and energy efficiency. Increasingly, energy efficiency – the most common topic of conversation, but, in the opinion of most people, this applies only to industrial giants and spacious offices. Why is it customary tenants of apartment buildings? If you look at this issue from another perspective, it becomes clear that the area of housing and communal services – an area where electricity consumption is very large, so that energy-saving technologies must first be entered here. To date, the issue of saving our country is very acute: gryanuvshy crisis will affect the rates, and Most residents will again have to save on everything, paying huge bills, how to remember is not saving and the potential savings? To ensure the operation of electrical appliances in a standard high-rise House spent more than a third of electricity consumed, the rest is spent on heating and hot water. During the construction of modern houses using energy-saving technologies in the past few years. Heating system pays special attention: to save the optimal temperature of air is much heavier than reduce the cost of lighting, which is why the main effort of designers and builders go on then, to be leak proof design. Improving the insulation of the room makes it possible to not install such a powerful heating equipment.

For example, possible to install heaters at area and change the operation of the heating system as a whole. Depending on the type of heating system should consider insulation inside or outside the apartment. The building is heated with gas, to pay special attention to the insulation inside the building and building, heated with water, must be carefully isolated from the outside. If energy efficiency in new homes is used everywhere, then change the situation in an already-built residential fund is very difficult. The vast majority of the houses were built at a time when the word "energy-saving utilities" were little known.

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