Euroclimate Equipment

"Nowadays, there are compact systems conditioning literally on all occasions, – said , technical specialist company Euroclimate-Region "(the official distributor in Russia of gree, a leading global manufacturer air-conditioning equipment). – For example, for a small office will be rather ordinary 'Multi-system (air conditioner, in which one outdoor unit provides the 4.2 internal). Indoor medium size (50-120 m2) will be a good solution Cassette mounted in the false ceiling as lamps. By the way, it avoids many problems associated with the arrangement of furniture and placement of jobs. For effective ventilation and to maintain a comfortable microclimate in large multi-room offices, you can use duct or multizone systems. They are able to provide work to 32 inland blocks, scattered in a radius of 125 meters, with just one fairly compact exterior. In addition, air-conditioning duct and provide fresh air into the room.

" Well, to power system conditioning is not expended in vain, at the offices should use the equipment with minimal heat dissipation. For example, the company D-Link has developed a special technology Green Ethernet, allowing to reduce power consumption and heat office networking equipment at 45-80%. Against noise is a trick Another characteristic disease of many modern office – a high level of noise. It causes stress, increases fatigue and reduces the efficiency of staff. Sometimes the noise can cause physiological disorders in the body, mental disorders, jumps in blood pressure and even the partial loss of hearing. Needless to say, this is not the best co-factors for normal office work.

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