Panel Equipment

To join the internal electrical network to the external electrical cable networks, as well as for the distribution of electric current and short circuit protection, overload protection, feeders are opening (UW) or ustroystvavvoda- (ASE). Introductory devices, in turn, is also intended for the delineation of responsibility for the use of power lines between staff and staff of the urban network of the consumer. For introductory device power lines to be run by the consumer. When powered by a single cable to power small electrical installations related to the 3 rd type of uninterrupted electricity as inputs devices, Applied introductory pole units of gsv for currents of 100, 250, 350 amp one power switch and fuses PN2. Also, boxes are used YA3700 with one three-pole circuit breaker series ‘A3700’ on the current 50 – 600 A.

Especially for three-and five-storey apartment buildings as input devices designed enclosures ‘IIIc’. dministrator. Cable-distributive devices are intended for public buildings. For public buildings high-rise and small plants to operate the equipment for asu created in the form of panels one-two-party service. Any water-distribution devices are composed of input and distribution panels or boxes of factory production. In large cities, the factory wiring structures develop and apply their design a series of asp.

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