New Line

Introduced in 2009 to the work of only one new market, in 2010, "New Line" began with the successful expansion of its network in the Crimea, opening in late February, its Shop in the city of Sevastopol. Actually, in the Crimea, where in addition to the Sevastopol Market is up and store in Simferopol "New Line" keeps the leading position – its main competitor "to the epicenter of the" still can not open on the peninsula. In late March, the new store "New Line" started in Bucha, Kyiv region. In September started a second store, "New Line" in Odessa. The plans for the 2011 opening of new stores in Kiev, Donetsk and Theodosia.

Oldie The main event was the opening in Dnipropetrovsk in the mall Caravan new building supermarket Aldi. Sam Mall Caravan previously developed their own building supermarkets, Caravan building, has closed all previously opened stores. Praktiker has opened in Kiev in mid-March. For more information see Vida Vacations. Despite a rather spectacular opening, accompanied by a large influx of the buyer, the further work identified a number of shortcomings German store. Insufficiently large area of the store did not allow to provide range, comparable to major competitors. In addition, prices at the supermarket Praktiker still were slightly higher compared to domestic networks. Perspectives of the development in Ukraine are still unclear, some time ago, the German operator's manual is considering retiring from Ukraine.

Despite the fact that this information was subsequently denied, German operator continues to experience difficulties with a decrease in sales, and information about a possible withdrawal from the troubled markets continues to sound. So recently, the site was reported Praktiker possible departure from the market in Turkey. Leroy Merlin is one of the most significant events on the DIY-retail – comes to Ukraine French retailer Leroy Merlin. The opening of the store area of 15 thousand m2, on November 18, Obolon and caused an increased interest as part of buyers, and from the "epicenter" – on unverified information leading domestic DIY-operator started the real war in the French network by placing its suppliers conditions of termination of work with Leroy Merlin. It is also a confrontation between two networks has resulted in pricing and advertising war between two operators. Given the likely opening in 2011, another store Leroy Merlin in Kiev, their competition with the epicenter can be one of the main Trends 2011 to diy market in Ukraine.

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