In every person's life sooner or later, but there is a natural disaster called 'repairs'. Of course, survive the many months and sometimes long-term home orgy is not easy. Especially when he did seriously do not you, but on building technologies to realize the same level as in space. Please visit LEGO Papert Professor if you seek more information. True, each for surgery spree sooner or later ends, and you come out of it if not adequately renovated apartment, then at least with a unique experience. It’s believed that Petra Diamonds sees a great future in this idea. And, as a rule, gained organizational management experience clearly exceeds the actual repairs to achieve. This means that when you look at the angle that was treated two weeks ago, and today fell off when the desperate call to the master and ask to correct yesterday's shortcomings, and in response you hear that you're too picky, because each work provides some 'gaps' (read: the most common marriage), then it just inspires you to sit at the computer and in the best traditions of philanthropy and charity to the neighbor to inform the world what mistakes best not to let that happen. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, learn from others' mistakes and listen to helpful advice.

Do not let a man into his apartment, about which you do not have authoritative and convincing for you advice and aranty. Available mean not only (and not so much) 'thieves' version of events as purely professional. Think about whether you can trust the reconstruction and improvement of the most expensive that you have – flat, – quite stranger, whom you saw just yesterday about the professional advantages which do not have a single performance, and her attitude to work for you – an absolute terra incognita? There is only a phone number recommended you to master is not enough. Be sure to take the address of the craftsman and specify its name. Do not be lazy to check the correctness of all information received. Not too much will also be consultation and communication with previous customers of the wizard.

Larch Construction

During the construction of houses, baths and other buildings is one of the desires of the builder – the duration of the conservation buildings in its entirety. ConocoPhillips helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For this use in the construction of wear-resistant materials, or apply special processing of materials. However, excessive handling of the material leads to an increase in its value. Ideal material for building houses is a larch. Log larch – are widespread in Russia. Due it is primarily with the properties of the wood. Larch – tree species, which is characterized by high levels of strength.

Both with respect to moisture, and in relation to the effects of various insects. However, despite such significant advantages, Larch refers to tree species, which are complex enough to be processed. Nowadays, thanks to the development of new technologies and the emergence of new equipment, these difficulties are minimized. Log of larch are still popular and capture a growing market segment. Log buildings are made of larch as of logs and chopped logs. The advantages of log cabins made of logs of larch are clear: do not need to fit the material to each other. All material is manufactured at the plant, cut through the grooves necessary forms. Assembly houses from this material takes much less time than other types of construction. Log larch chopped belongs to the category of products of higher quality. Since there remains a unique landscape of trees, its color.

New Line

Introduced in 2009 to the work of only one new market, in 2010, "New Line" began with the successful expansion of its network in the Crimea, opening in late February, its Shop in the city of Sevastopol. Actually, in the Crimea, where in addition to the Sevastopol Market is up and store in Simferopol "New Line" keeps the leading position – its main competitor "to the epicenter of the" still can not open on the peninsula. In late March, the new store "New Line" started in Bucha, Kyiv region. In September started a second store, "New Line" in Odessa. The plans for the 2011 opening of new stores in Kiev, Donetsk and Theodosia.

Oldie The main event was the opening in Dnipropetrovsk in the mall Caravan new building supermarket Aldi. Sam Mall Caravan previously developed their own building supermarkets, Caravan building, has closed all previously opened stores. Praktiker has opened in Kiev in mid-March. For more information see Vida Vacations. Despite a rather spectacular opening, accompanied by a large influx of the buyer, the further work identified a number of shortcomings German store. Insufficiently large area of the store did not allow to provide range, comparable to major competitors. In addition, prices at the supermarket Praktiker still were slightly higher compared to domestic networks. Perspectives of the development in Ukraine are still unclear, some time ago, the German operator's manual is considering retiring from Ukraine.

Despite the fact that this information was subsequently denied, German operator continues to experience difficulties with a decrease in sales, and information about a possible withdrawal from the troubled markets continues to sound. So recently, the site was reported Praktiker possible departure from the market in Turkey. Leroy Merlin is one of the most significant events on the DIY-retail – comes to Ukraine French retailer Leroy Merlin. The opening of the store area of 15 thousand m2, on November 18, Obolon and caused an increased interest as part of buyers, and from the "epicenter" – on unverified information leading domestic DIY-operator started the real war in the French network by placing its suppliers conditions of termination of work with Leroy Merlin. It is also a confrontation between two networks has resulted in pricing and advertising war between two operators. Given the likely opening in 2011, another store Leroy Merlin in Kiev, their competition with the epicenter can be one of the main Trends 2011 to diy market in Ukraine.

Panel Equipment

To join the internal electrical network to the external electrical cable networks, as well as for the distribution of electric current and short circuit protection, overload protection, feeders are opening (UW) or ustroystvavvoda- (ASE). Introductory devices, in turn, is also intended for the delineation of responsibility for the use of power lines between staff and staff of the urban network of the consumer. For introductory device power lines to be run by the consumer. When powered by a single cable to power small electrical installations related to the 3 rd type of uninterrupted electricity as inputs devices, Applied introductory pole units of gsv for currents of 100, 250, 350 amp one power switch and fuses PN2. Also, boxes are used YA3700 with one three-pole circuit breaker series ‘A3700’ on the current 50 – 600 A.

Especially for three-and five-storey apartment buildings as input devices designed enclosures ‘IIIc’. dministrator. Cable-distributive devices are intended for public buildings. For public buildings high-rise and small plants to operate the equipment for asu created in the form of panels one-two-party service. Any water-distribution devices are composed of input and distribution panels or boxes of factory production. In large cities, the factory wiring structures develop and apply their design a series of asp.

Safety Devices

Safety devices are divided into contact, contactless and protection devices (testing). Protection device – a concept that applies to sectional doors. There are protective devices cable breakage and breakage of springs. Built on the principle of a mechanical locking gate. These packages usually do not enter the gate and go as additional options to the gate. If the gates are automated, these functions are completely takes over a drive. Contactless devices – solar security operation is based on interruption of the beam between the transmitter and receiver.

Contactless devices are paired (transmitter and receiver) and combined (Transmitter and receiver in one package, but on the other side is installed fluorescent reflector). Combined photovoltaic cells may fail (by reflection from a car, for example), but for the price of installation and equipment costs have advantage. Currently, preference is given to a pair photocells, as they have great range, high noise immunity and eliminate malfunctions. Contact the safety devices are divided into mechanical and technical. Technical safety devices built into the control unit drives.

In its simplest form – it’s time adjustment. That is, if, for example, the gate of your country house close to the For 22 seconds, the time exposed to 25 seconds. That is, even if the way the gate will be an obstacle, 25 seconds after the start of work they will be staying. In the more expensive and complex systems designed for low voltage food drives, a feature of current protection. That is, when it detects obstacles in the motor current increases, and the function is activated to stop or open the gate. Mechanical safety devices are of a soft rubber or plastic profile with a security device inside under the mechanical action, which triggered the security features on the control unit. Safety devices are of three types. On Air flow inside. If you pinched or partially pressed profile air pressure changes, and triggered a security feature (an expensive system is used, for example, locks). Photocell inside. The principle is the same: the beam is interrupted, and then the safety feature. With the taut rope and a microswitch inside. An increase in cable tension triggered microswitches, and the signal goes to the security control unit. Contact and contactless security devices can be combined or limited to only one. For a country house we find it not to install the safety device, given management control gate and the low-intensity map. Using the optional accessories radios, connected via a relay of appropriate power, you can keyfob transmitter to control any device (lighting in the street, garage). Installation of electromechanical or electromagnetic lock for hinged doors – to increase the rigidity of the valves in the closed position, is used for the gate with a large sail, mounted on an open area, where strong winds are possible (eg, near water). Board battery backup with rechargeable batteries – to ensure efficiency, even when the power of urban network.

Masonry Grid

Cell sizes masonry grid range from 50 to 70 millimeters. Mason grid, due to a small diameter wire can be manufactured in rolls and in Maps. Width of welded mesh is defined within the standard the size of bricks used in masonry, which is undoubtedly very convenient. The most common are the following dimensions: 1) for the interior walls, whose thickness is 120 (half-brick) or 250 mm (brick) is chosen Mason mesh width of 110-120 mm for the first option, 240-250 mm – for the second. 2) The exterior walls are put in a half, two, and if necessary a special strength in two and a half brick.

For the data sizes used mesh, welded masonry wide 380, 500 and 640 mm. The length of the masonry grid does not exceed two meters, making it easy to transport and easy to use during construction. But the use of grid masonry to strengthen and increase endurance masonry, block and brick ties are not the only area of welded wire mesh. It is widely applied in carrying out and plastering work. The use of metal mesh allows for increased strength and multiple increase the life cover, so that plaster can withstand shrinkage of the soil, significant mechanical impact, shock and temperature extremes. Traffic mesh While laying the foundation, floor coatings and flooring, floor construction, fill, floor, construction of sidewalks and driveways can not do without the use of road network, which allows you to mount a flat frame for future ties. In Depending on the quality of the original surface, a layer of mud and planned in the future, loads of road grid cell sizes vary between 70, 100 and 150 mm. In some cases, allowed to use a metal mesh with cell 200×200 mm, but it significantly reduces the strength characteristics of the surface and ensures a low resistance to atmospheric and industrial influences.

As Mason mesh, the road is made as to rolls and in Maps. In principle, the mesh, welded road rolls are much more convenient in terms of installation of the roadway, as unwind roll, which is the width of the great size of the road, very convenient. But the net road rolls more flexible than in the cards, so the load on the roadway should be minimal. To the roadbed could withstand heavy loads, use the mesh, welded in the cards.

Realtors: How To Become Successful ?

In any field there are professionals. The real estate market – it's realtors. I realtor a large number of responsibilities: sales and rental of real property, documents at the conclusion of contracts, legal transaction support. Specialty 'realtor' is currently one of the most popular and prestigious. Competent professionals have always been in the price in any business, especially when this area intensively developed, the real estate market. Not everyone is able to achieve success. Beginners rielterstve worried the most important question: what is required to start. Which school are taught 'to realtor'? That considered to be the main feature of a true realtor and what capabilities it should have? These issues concern not only for beginners of Realtors, and clients working with them.

In competent realtor should be learning in various fields. It must be part psychologist and a lawyer, economist and analyst, appraiser and marketer. Skills for future real estate realtors have the opportunity to purchase at special rates. Sale and property valuation, property management techniques – the nuances are being considered for such courses. And methods of action with both private and commercial property. What qualities must be given realtor, a store of knowledge is required to accumulate, what methods to attract clients and many other things that interested students can learn on courses for qualified Realtors. If the profession 'realtor' – your dream, start embody it with courses in real estate. After the course, real estate agent will be able to assume their functions: to support contract with the real estate from beginning to end.

In the first literate real estate agent is obliged to check the purity of the object to realize the procedure of the transaction, while at the same time, to collect documents for registration. From the realtor client can get advice and recommendations relating to the conduct settlements. Since the financial capabilities of different customers, the real estate agent should have information on mortgage programs specific banks, if necessary, to find a more reasonable loan conditions. Realtor must possess knowledge of marketing, be able to apply himself properly advertise and, besides, he must navigate the building materials and technologies. Thus, you can submit a portrait the average professional realtor. This is a man of 30-40, attractive and dressed with "brand". He has a diploma of higher or specialized secondary educational institution. A man who knows how to listen and hear customer hardworking and sociable. The main rule of professional realtor: – first of all, only the specialist 'hold out on the crest of a wave in the ocean of real estate. "

Electrical Work

Prices for such work are rising because of increased length cabling installations, the complexity of installation sockets and switches in a log cabin (with the slightest error can be impossible to remove quietly chipped), drilling deep holes, sometimes up to two meters. But as far as design, then there can not speak. On walls seen some switches and sockets, not padded boxes, corrugated and pipes. The cost of electrical work can be reduced by making the technological holes in the process of building a house. Another way to reduce costs electro work – installation of wireless radio switches. Plan number, location, outlets and switches must advance as accurately as possible.

Otherwise, you get additional . For the sealing of old electric points have to hire carpenters, which in turn – increased the estimates for all construction. Hidden electrical work in a wooden house should begin before the installation of doors, installation of ceilings and floors. Works associated with the hidden, inner assembly, split, usually in two stages. The first stage involves assembling circuit grounding, connection of electricity from the column, wiring, mounting and connecting electrical control equipment, drilled nests under Escutcheon, is being installed accessory boxes, preparing a site for the frame. In the second (after treatment of walls, floors, ceilings) step is the connection and installation of outlets and switches, installation of lighting fixtures, chandeliers and sconces. Here are some tips for installing the internal power .- All cables pass through the wooden walls should be made in metal sleeves, tubes, Raspaechnye boxes should be available for inspection and maintenance .- In homes with multiple floors for unloading the main switchboard, installed floor switchboard. This allows reduce the cost of cable (and thus reduced the price, price, price for electrical) and simplify the management of energy supplies, materials used must have a certificate of conformity and certificate of fire security, which guarantees the quality of your electrical work in a wooden house. Price list of electrical and experience, we can say exclusive electrical work, each company is different, therefore, responsible in choosing a contractor. Calculating the cost of installation for the initial treatment should not be much different from the final cost of electricity .

Wooden Windows

Windows, like so much else in our world, are different. And the question now is not about the quality of the materials making up the frame and fittings, although this depends directly on their working life. The fact that most of the window design can be divided into two groups: separate, glass, which are in separate wings, and with dual panes, two frames which are bolted. Also, there are windows that open and close without the help of loops. and Although such models are in our country are rare, tell us about them, too, is. Option of separate binding graphically represented in the well-known to all Russian boxes, which are more commonly called joinery. They were placed in model "Stalin", "," nine-panel, and certainly on them that for decades had a good look all.

For the production of such windows are used solid wood and plate glass. Sometimes, instead of single put glass windows, which are pre-ordered separately. Full containment woodwork does not provide, and the contiguity of the valves to the frame is achieved by setting the contours seals made of special rubber or silicone. In order to frame the array did not lead, the wood must be dried and prepared according to the rules, otherwise the buyers risk from carpentry money. Moreover, the wind will be quite real. Plastic window, made by German technology, features the use of glass instead of single glazing and no air vents. Can not say that make vents in such models impossible – if you wish you receive them.

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