Masonry Grid

Cell sizes masonry grid range from 50 to 70 millimeters. Mason grid, due to a small diameter wire can be manufactured in rolls and in Maps. Width of welded mesh is defined within the standard the size of bricks used in masonry, which is undoubtedly very convenient. The most common are the following dimensions: 1) for the interior walls, whose thickness is 120 (half-brick) or 250 mm (brick) is chosen Mason mesh width of 110-120 mm for the first option, 240-250 mm – for the second. 2) The exterior walls are put in a half, two, and if necessary a special strength in two and a half brick.

For the data sizes used mesh, welded masonry wide 380, 500 and 640 mm. The length of the masonry grid does not exceed two meters, making it easy to transport and easy to use during construction. But the use of grid masonry to strengthen and increase endurance masonry, block and brick ties are not the only area of welded wire mesh. It is widely applied in carrying out and plastering work. The use of metal mesh allows for increased strength and multiple increase the life cover, so that plaster can withstand shrinkage of the soil, significant mechanical impact, shock and temperature extremes. Traffic mesh While laying the foundation, floor coatings and flooring, floor construction, fill, floor, construction of sidewalks and driveways can not do without the use of road network, which allows you to mount a flat frame for future ties. In Depending on the quality of the original surface, a layer of mud and planned in the future, loads of road grid cell sizes vary between 70, 100 and 150 mm. In some cases, allowed to use a metal mesh with cell 200×200 mm, but it significantly reduces the strength characteristics of the surface and ensures a low resistance to atmospheric and industrial influences.

As Mason mesh, the road is made as to rolls and in Maps. In principle, the mesh, welded road rolls are much more convenient in terms of installation of the roadway, as unwind roll, which is the width of the great size of the road, very convenient. But the net road rolls more flexible than in the cards, so the load on the roadway should be minimal. To the roadbed could withstand heavy loads, use the mesh, welded in the cards.

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