Wooden Windows

Windows, like so much else in our world, are different. And the question now is not about the quality of the materials making up the frame and fittings, although this depends directly on their working life. The fact that most of the window design can be divided into two groups: separate, glass, which are in separate wings, and with dual panes, two frames which are bolted. Also, there are windows that open and close without the help of loops. and Although such models are in our country are rare, tell us about them, too, is. Option of separate binding graphically represented in the well-known to all Russian boxes, which are more commonly called joinery. They were placed in model "Stalin", "," nine-panel, and certainly on them that for decades had a good look all.

For the production of such windows are used solid wood and plate glass. Sometimes, instead of single put glass windows, which are pre-ordered separately. Full containment woodwork does not provide, and the contiguity of the valves to the frame is achieved by setting the contours seals made of special rubber or silicone. In order to frame the array did not lead, the wood must be dried and prepared according to the rules, otherwise the buyers risk from carpentry money. Moreover, the wind will be quite real. Plastic window, made by German technology, features the use of glass instead of single glazing and no air vents. Can not say that make vents in such models impossible – if you wish you receive them.

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