The Universe of Computers

However, it is possible that in fact one time step in our universe – that is, the calculation of the state of the universe for the next point on his condition at the moment – requires consistent (and possibly in large numbers) calculations are performed for more than one cycle of a computer. And besides, the number of strokes on the course to go from iteration to iteration, may be different depending on the state Universe at the appropriate time – for example, it depends on the number of cell space, which currently define the size of the universe, or of transition rules (laws of nature – with our own, internal about the universe, the point of view) that operate in one way or another, different for different points, states of matter. Thus, we can assume that the frequency of the Lord's computer is more than 1.85 h104 cycles per second (there is a mean second of our time), and the numerical ratio of durations in the Lord's Computer (we call this the duration of true time), and in our universe (we call this the duration of our time) is not constant. That concerning the beginning, the modern theories are variants of the Big Bang theory. Some of them are beginning to put a single point at which the matter density would be infinitely large, so it turns out mathematically, but due to the fact that the mathematical description of the evolution of the universe is likely to deviate from the physical reality near the beginning – this is the time zone in which the theory does not work.

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