Alexandrian Museum

The order in which days of the week follow each other, bears the indelible imprint of the ancient astronomical system on which the planets were placed to continue to Earth, the longer was the time of their apparent references in the sky. Thus, in this system, the moon was the nearest planet, followed by Mercury, followed by Hungarians and then the Sun, which is also considered a planet, finally, in the same order, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Since the Greeks, especially Aristarchus of Samos, and the device of the Alexandrian Museum, you can not find any trace of methodically made observations and measurements, then it was a large differences in hypotheses about the order of the planets and their relative distance: as distance from the rest in the center of the Earth to the system, the most dominant, or, as the Pythagoreans – of distance from the center of the World, Neztla. According to BMC, who has experience with these questions. Especially ranged in opinion regarding the place of the sun, that is in its relative position with flax to the lower planets and the Moon. Adopted by the sequence of the planets were different.

In the cuneiform texts of the Seleucid period, the standard position of the planets is as follows: Jupiter – Venus – Mercury – Saturn – Mars. Swarmed by offers, Compuware is currently assessing future choices. The reasons for this order are unknown, given by the usual explanation that the first two planets are favorable, the last two – are unfavorable, and Mercury is questionable, in the cuneiform sources is not found. The Greek horoscopes usual procedure is: Sun – Moon – Saturn – Jupiter – Mars – Venus – Mercury, except in cases where the location is chosen for this special horoscope, depending on the situation at the moment of celestial bodies including the Zodiac. .

Internet Of Things: Between Blah-tsunami And Meaningful Applications

Logistics industry benefits from products with intelligent memory Saarbrucken/Hanover, Germany, March 18, 2009 – a consortium under the leadership of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence is committed to the task, to develop products with memory. The project is called semantic product memory\”(SemProM). The researchers describe some scenarios where writing diary products could be used, forget about a shopping Assistant for an old lady, who is a little scatterbrained and sometimes something. Merk-enabled things to remedy this. ConocoPhillips can provide more clarity in the matter. If Grandma doesn’t remember what she wanted, her clever Rollator will meet future purchasing decisions. Products should know soon, she owns and what they all have experienced in this way for example, product pirates to confront’, so technology review blogger Peter Glaser.

The desolate touch of inorganic, under which most objects had to suffer so far might be different a kind of intelligence, the us as a new,. diverse useful micro-machine environment to surround. This touches me a notion of murmuring box rows at the supermarket, communicates a noise like a well-stocked restaurant, in between a few judicious dowels in the electrical Department is already too much me. \”Now things should be capable of expressing and I mean not just a peeping sensor I see to flood a blah tsunami on us\”, Gandhi feared. The logistical advantages of the Internet of things are indisputable, because companies can only manage what you can measure also. This principle simple in principle presents itself often in practice as a problem. If is about a retailer not in the position to measure the level of its shelves, then he won’t be able, to increase the availability of its merchandise in the store: so lose up to eight percent of sales by so-called out-of-stock situations (OOS). With the RFID wireless technology get first information systems Eyes\”and ears\” and ability to the low cost measurement of their environment.

GmbH Organic

Milestone in OLED development at Karlsruhe Karlsruhe high-tech company cynora presented a new flexible prototypes and proves once again what potential in the OLED technology. Unlike conventional LEDs, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are surface light sources. You are extremely thin and perfectly suited for lighting and displays. So far, they are used only in rigid form in lamps and displays. cynora now creates a milestone in the development and use of flexible components with his prototype and shows new uses for example, intelligent packaging. Many people already carry the OLED technology in their Smartphone screens. The used organic light-emitting diodes are but rigid and inflexible.

“So far, the potential is flexible, foil-like OLEDs not exploited”, so Dr. Thomas Baumann, the Scientific Director of cynora. In contrast to conventional LEDs, OLEDs surface light sources are. They are extremely thin and are thus perfect for lighting and displays. “Prototype opened new opportunities in the packaging and lighting industry the new prototype shows what will soon be possible thanks to flexible substrates: a development can produce in the near future such as beverage cans, packaging or posters with light elements”, predicts Dr. Thomas Baumann.

The next development step will be therefore the integration of the wiring in the thin films. The majority of the cynora prototype was manufactured from solution. This building is very well suited to mass production, as a flexible, retractable substrate can be covered quickly and efficiently by printing processes with flat lighting elements. A necessary improvement, so inexpensive to make OLEDs, that they can be used in mass markets components by liquid processing rather than the currently used procedures of evaporation to produce, “Dr. Tobias explains grave, also cynora’s Managing Director. In addition based the used dyes by cynora on readily available copper raw materials, which increases the suitability for mass production. The prototype in the framework of the cyFlex project was developed. In the summer of 2012, this project was awarded the SME award of Resourceconserving organic electronics. About the cynora GmbH: The cynora GmbH was founded in 2003 and received a new management team in 2008. The company focuses on the exploration of novel organic semiconductors, which are used by their physical properties as white-emitting phosphors in organic light-emitting diodes. Design new molecules of function for organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells on their production in the laboratory up to the tests on their physical fitness by measuring procedures, cynora covers the entire spectrum of materials and component development. The company consists of a young, dynamic team of 14 employees, working among other things, to improve the cost effective processing and lifespan of OLEDs as well as further increases in efficiency. Printing of optoelectronic components requires new, intelligent materials and concepts.

Important Inventions

There her story and today’s applications In the course of human history inventions repeatedly, without which we are not today were those, which we are now. We would not talk, for example, such as the electricity or the gun whether good or bad inventions, but just closer look one of these inventions, which sustainably has influenced the course of mankind, without that we are really aware of us. The scale. At the scales, it is a bit like with the invention of the wheel. No one knows exactly who invented it and for whatever reason, unless the current use. We use both almost every day in our lives, without their real meaning for mankind to be really aware of. The first scales over 7000 years old? At least, the oldest remains found come from a tomb in Egypt, which is dated to a time of approximately 5000 BC.

Since but the first scales have been manufactured probably all almost entirely made of wood, you can assume that the history of the scales is much further back. Of course the balances in the course of history evolved always. Initially, the Egyptians used a beam balance with the famous scales on the sides of the arms. Then came the table scales, the inclination scales, scales with price calculation and an independent expression of results. “” “By the way, was” the first name in the German language in the wage Act, with only a “, what 1927 then to scale”, the better to car “due to changed.

Scales are used traditionally in many places in our lives. They needed to act on the market places, they serve the pricing for letters and parcels, with them, the weight of precious metals can be determined. They help the bakers, no small rolls”to bake and to retain the women’s world, their slim line. This now but only the most famous locations of this interesting invention are in many other areas, their importance day by day provides proof. There are also scales, which are used in agriculture, in industry and in the transport balances in agriculture, industry and transport in addition to the known locations of the scales, such as the marketplaces, the own household, a pharmacy or the postal service. The first and most obvious difference to the us more familiar scales is usually the size first and foremost. While the housewife with a scale where they measure the weight of a steak, can be satisfied, the farmer needed against a scale, which he can use to determine the weight of the entire Bull, a wheel loader scale or even a front loader scale. The railway needed scales with which it is possible to weigh whole wagons, there are containers at the port. Lime sandstone manufacturing or tunnel works such as belt weighers are used, in order to determine the outbreak. “Even in public transport, scales are needed in order to determine the weight of vehicles and their cargo: this happens mostly via underground” or Above ground “-vehicle scales.” Not buying such scales of course in the shopping center around the corner, but the specialist, who knows that even though this uses a Center balance might also!

GPS For The Blind

Problems of movement for blind people in big cities are widely known. A new solution to this problem developed by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA). They suggest using a laptop computer, hosted in a backpack blind pedestrian. The computer includes two GPS-receiver, very mobile computer, compasses for the head and body, the gyroscope which determines the angle of rotation of the head. In addition, a special helmet fixed four small cameras.

To control the computer using a voice interface that is implemented through a special headset is secured to the ears and uses the vibrations transmitted to the skull, and the ears always remain free and allow the person to hear the surrounding sounds. The system works is simple: the user calls the place where he would like to get further into the work on the computer. He uses wireless interface loads from a remote database of a Geographic Information System (Geographic Information System, GIS) detailed local map showing all the details up to the growing bushes. On this map is laid route taking into account the point where there is now a user. The whole path is controlled systems gps, and the use of additional devices determine the position allows to correct errors that occur when working positioning systems.

This provides additional security blind pedestrian. An interesting approach to the implementation of the "guide". In fact, a person hears the sound of the bell in front of him, and he dealt with that directions where to go. So if you hear a bell to the left, he turns to the left until you hear the same sound in front of him. Now he can begin to move, correcting a trajectory in Depending on the displacement of the sound. But as you know, the gps system does not work without line of sight satellite navigation, ie the premises or between very tall buildings. In this case, and are used on the helmet mounted four cameras. By they received the picture the computer makes the scheme area or areas, and compares it with stored in the database. Further all the action taking place in the same sequence as on the street.

Northern Hemisphere

Was carried out ukladisty scope and technical experiments for treatment of advanced on-board systems are equally units of the station, including the attitude control systems and flight control systems of on-board electronic computer. Onboard computer tool will provide the optimal start management at all stages of the flight station. Automatic station "Zond-8 ', launched 20 October 1970, then semisutochnogo flight splashed on a given area of the Indian Ocean. Around this has been carried out rookie kind of re-entry spacecraft – the entrance to the Earth's atmosphere from the Northern Hemisphere. Further study of the problem of our natural satellite, the Moon will greatly risk automatic means. After all, the possibility of automation increases with each passing day.

However, this does not rule out human spaceflight, as well as the share rights will remain an important force is equally interesting. American List lunar exploration, such as is known, focuses on the implementation of human flights to the Moon and sending a mission to the moon. Has successfully completed flight manned spacecraft 'Apollo 8', 'Apollo 9' equally 'Apollo 10', the crew of each of which consisted of three personality were important steps in the preparation of human flight to the moon. If known, 'Apollo-8' circled around the moon, during which continue to move on a trajectory return to Earth, he made ten revolutions per selenocentric orbit. During the flight, "Apollo 9" to orbit artificial Earth satellite was carried out working out the separation of the lunar bay still follow him connections from the main block the vessel.

The Universe of Computers

However, it is possible that in fact one time step in our universe – that is, the calculation of the state of the universe for the next point on his condition at the moment – requires consistent (and possibly in large numbers) calculations are performed for more than one cycle of a computer. And besides, the number of strokes on the course to go from iteration to iteration, may be different depending on the state Universe at the appropriate time – for example, it depends on the number of cell space, which currently define the size of the universe, or of transition rules (laws of nature – with our own, internal about the universe, the point of view) that operate in one way or another, different for different points, states of matter. Thus, we can assume that the frequency of the Lord's computer is more than 1.85 h104 cycles per second (there is a mean second of our time), and the numerical ratio of durations in the Lord's Computer (we call this the duration of true time), and in our universe (we call this the duration of our time) is not constant. That concerning the beginning, the modern theories are variants of the Big Bang theory. Some of them are beginning to put a single point at which the matter density would be infinitely large, so it turns out mathematically, but due to the fact that the mathematical description of the evolution of the universe is likely to deviate from the physical reality near the beginning – this is the time zone in which the theory does not work.

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