Northern Hemisphere

Was carried out ukladisty scope and technical experiments for treatment of advanced on-board systems are equally units of the station, including the attitude control systems and flight control systems of on-board electronic computer. Onboard computer tool will provide the optimal start management at all stages of the flight station. Automatic station "Zond-8 ', launched 20 October 1970, then semisutochnogo flight splashed on a given area of the Indian Ocean. Around this has been carried out rookie kind of re-entry spacecraft – the entrance to the Earth's atmosphere from the Northern Hemisphere. Further study of the problem of our natural satellite, the Moon will greatly risk automatic means. After all, the possibility of automation increases with each passing day.

However, this does not rule out human spaceflight, as well as the share rights will remain an important force is equally interesting. American List lunar exploration, such as is known, focuses on the implementation of human flights to the Moon and sending a mission to the moon. Has successfully completed flight manned spacecraft 'Apollo 8', 'Apollo 9' equally 'Apollo 10', the crew of each of which consisted of three personality were important steps in the preparation of human flight to the moon. If known, 'Apollo-8' circled around the moon, during which continue to move on a trajectory return to Earth, he made ten revolutions per selenocentric orbit. During the flight, "Apollo 9" to orbit artificial Earth satellite was carried out working out the separation of the lunar bay still follow him connections from the main block the vessel.

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