Royal Canine Society Search

It was the first official tournament in Spain that concentrated many important scientific research from around the country, relating to the canine species. In the same year he published a book whose essential chapter would include the fundamental synthesis of the results of their research and scientific creativity and culminated, Method Chest. The method Chest and / or its creator have been recognized so far with many important awards and distinctions, national and international level, by different governments and institutions (United Nations, Committee Spanish Man and the Biosphere of UNESCO, Royal Canine Society of Spain, International Community and Scientific Committee of Veterinary Veterinary Organization, the UNESCO Centre of the Autonomous City of Melilla …) were mentioned as an example the Certificate of Distinction by Sasakawa Prize United Nations in 2005, recognized worldwide scientific and operational progress of Chest Method for reducing disaster victims.

The 250 hours of basic courses Chest specialist officers, are designed almost entirely to the transfer introductory, theoretical and practical, of the complex dynamics of implementation, interface, content and technical development of the Chest, on the steps of training process, dealing with both at the level of training as that of various interventions in disasters. Due to the exceptional levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration, which give the canine search, the methodology Chest, which make it possible, with its consistent and outstanding level of olfactory performance, locate people buried alive (or other items such as narcotics, explosives, protected species …) even at points of extreme difficulty based on the level of perception of depth, leakage or other interfering factors especially have been able to locate (evidenced by the relevant reports) quickly and accurately, people totally buried under several feet of earth, rubbish or debris, both external and search operations within the space side confined Canine Team Method Chest Chile Fire Department, Fire Department in El Salvador, Spain Fire Corps, National Police of Colombia … Or find explosives, narcotics, endangered animal, Method Canine Team Chest Police Corps in Ecuador, Colombia, Caracas … Indeed, the method has not only helped Chest and revolutionized the operating level in demonstrably Canine units for the detection and rescue of people buried.

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