Informacional Production

In accordance with SAINTS, in relation to the way Technician Cientfico and Informacional in the region, guarantee. In the same way as they participate of the creation of new vital processes and of the production of new species (animal and vegetal), science and the technology, together with the information, is in the proper base of the production, the use and the functioning of the space and tends to constitute its substratum. (2009, p.238) It points with respect to the necessity to provide the increase in quality for the produced food diversity, for conservation and I reuse of the water in the ground, in the guarantee of the production stability that they aim at to sociabilizar many experiences and greater alimentary security you stop families who usufruct of the agriculture of irrigao.CONCLUSODiante of this context, recognizes the importance of the handling, the control and the conservation of the hdricos resources for the Mesorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland. Looking for always to use of less sensible cultures to the hdrica deficiency, reverting the process of degradation of the natural resources in the micron-basins, alternative on the basis of technological that increase the vegetal production, the agricultural productivity and the net income of the agricultural producer. Mainly for the construction and the intensive use of the wells (or cacimbas), dams and underground barrages for production of foods and animal consumption. Especially used for the creation of polar regions of irrigated fruticultura. As well as implanting, of gradual form, stimulating next to the institutions of research and assistance technique the generation of alternative technologies for the recovery of areas in degradation process. Stimulating practical that it facilitates to the preservation (infiltration) of the water of rains and the replacement of the water in the ground and without damage to the basic necessities of the devoid population for the preservation of the environment that culminates in a sustainable alternative to guarantee the future generations more abundance to its locality.

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