In case of failure of the hard drive electronics write-read unit goes back in your tense Parkposistion, but the magnet disc rotates out and write-read unit is lowered down slowly on the magnetic disk. It recommends that water damage to water or weather damage immediately to give the disk a laboratory specialising in data recovery. Since the magnetic disks inside the plate after a water damage are contaminated. To perform even a data recovery of such damaged media, the magnetic disc in the clean room laboratory using special chemicals in a complex procedure must be cleaned before ever to think of irdendwelche measures for data recovery. Strong ambient temperatures can be significantly heat also of a failure of the hard drive. Here the user can prevent, by controlling the temperature of your hard drive regularly and if necessary measures take to improve the cooling performance of PC system. As a general rule for all types of physical damage: you go to a specialist.

Any further attempt on the stored data on the hard drive can get have a complete loss of data, so that even a professional data recovery lab can no longer help. This particularly applies to all hard drive from 750 GB to 2 TB, because the data density is so high, that E.g. damage have serious consequences as compared to a 40-80 GB hard drive model! What is therefore required for problems with the disk? What can you do to the hard drive data recovery? First of all, it is useful to categorize the corresponding problem. It has one with a logical defect (for example, deleted files) or physical damage to the disk to do it. Data recovery hard disk as a general rule, is the hard drive in the BIOS is not recognized, then you will be not recognized under Windows or on foreign computers. Also Linux boot CDs or other software are useless in such scenarios. In case of damages that suggest bad sectors, it is advisable first to create a sector-based copy of the hard drive. To do this, you can use the TrueImage program. After passing the appropriate measures to restore the data to the image by, and no longer to the actual original disk.

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