Patricia Mendez Ortiz

It is necessary to change to a proper holistic curriculum of Education theories and theories curriculum, they have not evolved many in recent times, and as they are explored manifested a segmentation between their conceptual and structural elements. However, the psychological theories of learning have Yes evolved and advanced constant and sequentially, that these latest current pedagogical, instructional and curricular models, have emerged but segmented. Both theories and models indicate that they walking in opposite directions trying to express that each of them are unique, avoiding integration: reconciliation of the same as principle of the dialectic, the systemic and the holistic. Both the contextualization, theories of education, theories and doctrines curricular, psychological theories of learning, as well as curriculum models offer us the didactic, pedagogical and curricular elements but in a segmented way, not interrelated; the relationships are very weak. For conciliation and integration of segmented and divorced elements existing must design a curriculum holistic that serves integration. For the use of the holistic model of the curriculum at any level of education is necessary in my personal opinion, to train all teachers through workshops to design the curriculum of training under this approach, considering all important aspects in an integrated manner. It therefore needed now more than ever to train professionals of education with the new integrative holistic perspective so that the use of the model is efficient, have effectiveness and be productive in the formation of the individual with this new paradigm. After twelve years of the Venice Declaration our political leaders and rulers, social communicators and the set of academics and professors, the Secretariat of public education, have begun to open their eyes with respect to the proposals of new education there.

Currently, efforts are being made by personalities as important as it is Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, founder of the holistic education in Mexico where organizations have emerged as the Foundation for holistic education, who organized congresses at a national or international level and conferences on the new paradigm for years in Guadalajara, Jal., and which were attended by educators world renowned holistas and teachers of different educational levels. As a result, the new school will go to the naturaleza-comunidad to learn, not to transform the world into something different but that to know the best way to live within the boundaries of the nature that we have inherited and which are inextricably linked. POETRY in HONOR to the master’s degree in education holistic I am Patricia Mendez Ortiz, I am you, I am nature, I am the world, I am a spiritual being living a human experience, I am light, I am love and life expectancy. I want to love and be loved, I want to give and receive. My mission will be henceforth go beyond and leave a mark. Make happy and I am happy to others, I want to smile despite the circumstances. I want to return good for evil.

Love and forgive my enemies. I want to enjoy the present the wounds of the past already sane, stop worrying about the future, love nature and honrare forever, so that at the end you can die in peace. Master’s degree in holistic education Dr.

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