The Number

If the number of visits to pages target is between 20 and 30% of the number total visits will be in good line, everything that is below 10% is considered unfulfilled goal. 4-. The number of pages views should be in a ratio of 1: 4 with regard to the number of visitors: this proportion can tell us which is the interest that generate the content of the website with respect to the users, I have always insisted the quality of the content, and though sometimes it sounds theoretical, here with the numbers we demonstrate the profitability of the investment. A proportion of 1: 2 or below two means that the site does not meet the expectations of the user and should be reviewed. If your website is not attracting about 50,000 users per month, you probably have a problem. If you spend you over 5,000 euros per month in adwords to get people to your page, you probably have a problem with your website.

There are many indications that your website can be paying below the potential of your brand. They are easy to detect and remedy depends on the management team. If you have their support, you can do so. Otherwise, if there is no vision within the company of the need to create a community, it is difficult to bring to fruition this type of projects. Share with the idea that ideally would be handled around these figures, but believe me that getting there is quite a challenge and kept a privilege, but I will say more: If only 10% of those figures, contact us to buy us a product or service, there will be worth all the effort…

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