Robot Kitchen Master

In the world of electronic bids has come for pleasure of the housewife, a true Companion: the robot of kitchen Lady Master Future 2010. We are immersed in a society where increasingly working more and gets less, why the housewife was forced to leave the comfort of your home to work away from his family. In a society so already no time for a traditional kitchen with dressings and homemade meals. All of this is has been losing gradually in the course of the years. But for the woman who is concerned that his family is fed form healthy and rich, the market offers you the robot’s most impressive and accessible cuisine you can imagine. The Lady Master 2010 not only is adaptable to any kitchen since it takes no great space, but is extremely independent: just enough to add the ingredients to the bowl and select the chosen menu and voila! This sympathetic appliance kitchen efficiently and without supervision, since it can be programmed up to 24 hours. Acquire the Lady Master 2010 is not only buying electronics, but a weapon so the time that was previously destined to cuisine take advantage in family. Another advantage of purchasing the Lady Master 2010 is that it possesses a control microcomputer which allows you to choose between their 8 different functions: the rice program, frying, baking, kitchen to steam, boil, soup, stew and order.

But fundamentally has a very useful option, the keep warm after cooking. This incredible appliance keeps food warm until Diners decide to eat. Isn’t it fantastic? Thanks to its system of three-dimensional cooking, food cooks evenly and does not burn or is passed, since the intelligent system allows you to vary the temperature automatically managing to highlight the flavors of all meals. The Lady Master 2010 is very modern as your design with the front screen allows you to see all the time on the menu selection, the cooking time, time, etc. To accompany this unique appliance offer a hard cover with more than 127 recipes Cookbook, a mold for steaming, spoon and a ladle. You’ll get a battery of cooking at a very low cost! Original author and source of the article.

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