Seiko Epson Corporation

In autumn 2008, Seiko Epson Corporation – a world leader in the manufacture and sale of projectors, scanners, desktop computers, printers and other electronic components, announced the release of models of projectors EB-X6, EB-S6, EB-W6 – line projectors, designed to solve most of the typical tasks for presentations in offices, educational institutions and other organizations, successfully combining a low price with high quality, contrast and image brightness, ease of use – with versatility. All three new Epson projector technology uses projection lcd (LCD-projector – a device that projected on the screen image created one or more liquid crystal matrices). Or, to be exact original 3LCD technology and a lamp Epson E-TORL (yield up to four thousand hours). Moreover, EB-X6 has a resolution of xga, Epson EB-S6 has a resolution of svga, Epson EB-W6 has a resolution of wxga. Fantastic contrast ratio of 2000:1 and an impressive level of brightness (2200 ansi lumen EB-S6, EB-X6, 2000 ansi lumen model Epson EB-W6) allow you to use the projections discussed in the premises of any light, including a . In addition, automatic keystone correction to the Epson EB-X6 and EB-W6 can automatically adjust the angle and range projection. Support wxga resolution of the projector Epson EB-W6 can increase the area of the screen at 30% and effectively use this model projector coupled with a widescreen laptop computers, interactive whiteboards. The set of functions that are implemented in models Epson EB-W6, EB-S6, EB-X6, reduces the phase of preparations for the presentation, makes work with the projector is extremely convenient. .

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