Direction Research

These objectives must be spread to all the functions and levels of the organization and must be measurable and folloied constantly, that is, they must be created indicating so that they can be measured and to verify if it is going to the meeting to the attendance of the objectives. An objective example can be continuously To improve the satisfaction of the customer having as indicating the measurement of this satisfaction through a type of research in which if it perceives this satisfaction, that is express for the customer. After carried through the research one verifies the points weak forts and of the research. In the strong points it is applied continuous improvement to satisfy the customer still more and in the weak points the corrective actions are applied so that in a next research these points can be as observed for the customer as satisfaction and not insatisfao.5.3.Responsabilidade, Autoridade and ComunicaoA Direction of the company the responsibilities of each one of the collaborators through a functional organization chart will have to define all and to communicate them it all of the company, and also its authorities starting for the choice of the representative of the direction that independent of its attributions will have to be the link between the Direction and the responsible ones for each process of the organization. This representative will be the responsible one in keeping the meetings of critical analysis at intervals planned assuring its continuous adequacy, sufficiency and effectiveness including the evaluation, together with the direction, the evaluation of chances for improvement and necessity of changes in the system of management of the quality, including the attendance of the politics of the quality and its objectives. For critical analysis it will have to be taken in consideration the auditorship results, feedback of the customer, performance of processes and conformity of products, situation of the corrective and preventive actions, action of accompaniments of previous the critical analyses for the direction, changes that can affect the system of management of the quality and recommendations for improvements.

Quality Climate

In case that contrary, what she could be made in little time and with high degree of quality, she will be able to delay days to be concluded. To become the environment of more pleasant work and to conquer the comprometimento of the collaborators is important to offer a space where the employees can create to innovate, to move, to interact, to communicate and to grow personal and professionally. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ray Kurzweil and gain more knowledge.. It is necessary that the administrators are always intent to the behavior of the people in the work. This only happens when they will be vain, sensetized of the importance of the human resources and the climate of its organizations. Understanding the initial conceptions of organizacional climate, it is possible to work the motivation of the collaborators. The efficiency of the organization can be increased through the creation of a organizacional climate that satisfies to the necessities of its members and, at the same time, canalizes this behavior motivated in the direction of the organizacionais objectives, creating a climate of favorable organization. 2 CLIMATE ORGANIZACIONAL to develop this study, had been searched relative subjects to the concepts of Organizacional Climate, its management and its impacts on the quality of services.

2,1 CONCEPT organizacional Climate is an administrative tool of vital importance that is related with the motivation of the members of the company, therefore to conquer the customer is basic, but for this the employees have that to feel themselves also motivated. The human beings continuously are engaged in the adjustment to a variety of situations, in the direction to satisfy its necessities and to keep an emotional balance. This can be defined as an adjustment state (LOPES, 1980, P. 68). Such adjustment does not only relate to the satisfaction of the physiological necessities and security, but also to the satisfaction of the necessities to belong to a social group of esteem and auto-accomplishment Is the frustration of these necessities that cause many of the adjustment problems.

Organizational Climate

The present study it aims at to get information concerning the perception of the employees of the banking institutions with dependences in the city of Gravata, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, how much to the impacts of the organizacional climate in the quality of life in the work, visa to deal with agencies located in the region metropolitan, with high degree of collection and pressure for results. The searched population will be of 98 employees, of both the sexos, with minimum escolaridade of average education and etria band between 18 and 55 years.

The research was carried through of transversal form, through the application of questionnaires composites of 16 questions, being opened closed 14 and 2. The instruments had been distributed and collected for the author, as form to guarantee the return of the biggest possible amount of instruments. The methodology of used analysis will be qualitative and quantitative, for better consolidation of the diversity of information to be raised.

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