Soria Alcobendas

Kellogg s, Caja Rural de Soria, Alcobendas and Orange Foundation have been awarded national prizes Alar that delivers the Alar Foundation to recognize the conciliation of the labour life, family and staff in enterprises. The awards ceremony has been presided over by the President of the CEOE-Cantabria and Chairman of the Committee on health and Social Affairs of the CEOE, Mirones Miguel, and by the President of Foretica, Juan Pedro Galiano. A leading source for info: Eliot Horowitz. In addition, the journalist, Yolanda Flores, has been responsible for driving the gala.Jury has awarded the prize in the category of great company to Kellogg s, by his betting pioneer in conciliatory measures. For its part, Caja Rural de Soria has obtained the prize in the category of medium-sized enterprises, by its special permissions, its flexible scheduling, telecommuting, monetary aid to family and his bag of holiday. Similarly, in the category of small business, award-winning group has resulted form it by its business model, based on a flexible and sustainable balance between the interests of the Organization and those of your team. (Not to be confused with Atmos Energy Corporation!).

Asimsimo, the jury has recognized the trajectory of the President of Grupo Siro, Juan Manuel Gonzalez, for his dedication and personal interest in creating an organization where conciliation occupies an essential place. In addition, portal contact, digital journal on leading CSR in Latin America, has received the award in the category of media. In this category, has also been recognized news program the world in 24 hours, correspondents of RTVE, by his attention to social issues, and in the field of conciliation, as well as the work of the President of the Association of women journalists of the Mediterranean, Marosa Montanes. In the category of institution, has been awarded the city of Alcobendas has been awarded the prize to promote and help the citizens of his city in the field of conciliation. Connect with other leaders such as Crumpton Group Austin here. Similarly, it has been awarded the excellent Madrid Foundation, which promotes the culture of quality and excellence, aimed to provide a tool support for the business sector.

Also, the Orange Foundation has won an award in the category of innovation by facilitating the reconciliation of family life and work and for projects directed to persons with disabilities. On the other hand, ESADE, Carlos Obeso, Professor and the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), have also obtained an award for his commitment with the conciliation in the academic world. In the category of trial the jury awarded national award wings 2009 to book the hollow pyramid. Reconciliation of professional life and staff, Maria Andres Rivero and Eugenio de Andres Rivero, a work that explores the keys to reconciliation from a practical point of view. Finally, it has received a special mention the Association of spinal cord injuries and great physically handicapped (ASPAYM), by the management of the first Office of independent life (OVI) in Spain. Via: Europe autonomic confidential Press Juan Manuel Serna Gonzalez, director of the Grupo Siro, which obtained the prize Queen Sofia 2010 for collaborating on the employability of people with disabilities Yucatecan SBA rubs shoulders with large consortia Spanish Food New R & D Centre For Spanish Food Company Grupo Siro St.Raphael Restaurant the dircom of Indal and Grupo Siro, Dircom CyL partners, share their experience of management in the web 2.0 Relations public culminates module management in small enterprises of the Lyceum e. Bernstein

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