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Photo excursion among the highlights of the bird migration in the winter months to the wild geese on the lower Rhine with the VHS of Arctic Geese on the lower Rhine. nowledge.. Every year approximately 150,000 Canvasback and 10,000 to 20,000 seed geese in the area between Wesel and the Dutch Nijmegen to wintering in the lower Rhine region gather. Excursions to the wild geese on the Rhine for nature photographers promoted by the photo designers and lecturers Uwe Schmid in cooperation with various community colleges in the lower Rhine region and Western Ruhr region. Guided photo tours lead into the landscapes of the Valley of the Rhine, the nature reserve Xanten old Rhine with the Bislicher island at Xanten and de Gelderse poort in the nature reserves of Duffel and Kranenburger break, where you can see many scenic highlights. This photo tour is also an intense nature experience for all participants of the workshop. This is every year during the winter months repetitive, fascinating spectacle of Arctic wild birds is one of the strongest natural experiences, the lower Rhine region has to offer. Workshop tour dates for the photo in the winter months of December to February. Uwe Schmid lives and works as freelance image and photo designer in the western part of the city of Duisburg, in the region of Niederrhein, adjacent to the metropolis Ruhr.

He is heart and soul Niederrheiner, he photographed the fascinating and varied landscape of his home for more than 30 years. With professional support in the right place to experience the spectacle of nature wild geese and photograph becomes possible under favourable conditions of observation. His nature and landscape photographs were published in international magazines, books, calendars, and other publications around the world. Since 2005 lecturer for photography in adult education. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert L. Carter. Teaching digital photography at various public schools in the Department. Design, planning and implementation of our own seminars and teaching series. Learn more about this exciting photo excursion-photo tour Wild geese Niederrhein video clip with photos – photo excursion wild geese on the lower Rhine on YouTube Uwe Schmid. Photography

Prefer A Christmas Stuffed Animal

a cute rabbit for the daughter, a budgie for supposedly lonely Granny action animal warns the gift of live animals, a kitten for the whole family – shortly before the demand for “living Christmas gifts”. Many animal shelters have therefore already early December more to dispose of any animals. “To give a spontaneous desire of a child after a pet right now or give an animal as a gift totally unsuspecting people, goes wrong usually”, warns of action animal Berlin Ursula Bauer. At the expense of the four-legged friends. Because, especially after the holidays be increasingly exposed to animals or to the next shelter. For more specific information, check out Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Livestock means responsibility for animal life entire, sometimes very long. Who thoughtlessly buys dog, cat, mouse or bird himself, and himself before buying not comprehensively about their claims, as well as the costs to be expected in formed, realizes only after that, for example, a dog is very time consuming and expensive.

“We expect taxes, Liability insurance, vet, good Fut-ter and equipment together, we are fast at 50 to 100 euros per month”, says Ursula Bauer. “In case of doubt you should an animal would rather abandoning or move the map creation, until all requirements are met”, more so the certified biologist. The future pet owners themselves or the family alone should meet basically the decision to buy an animal, together. The hectic Christmas – time is no time here. No matter whether dog or Hamster – each pet has as a real family member entitled to daily to twist, a reasonable accommodation and loving care. In this to level, parents must assume that children can meet only the requirements changes on a species-appropriate animal husbandry. “Better give a cuddly stuffed animal and visit an animal shelter where you can learn first about the needs of the desired animal, maybe later then consciously and well prepared a help children with ih-ren Animal forever a good home to offer “, finally, so Ursula Bauer of action animal.

Our Flyer “Animals are any Christmas gifts” can be requested free of charge via our offices in Berlin and Munich, or it can be downloaded on the Internet at in the download area. To reach potential new pet owners also have the Internet and modern media, animal action has produced a video clip for this topic and uploaded action animal YouTube channel on the. You will find a link to the video here: Christmas gift time but please no animals! Company Description action animal – people for animals is one of the largest animal protection organizations of its kind. The Club aims to operate with unconventional and dynamic methods of effective animal – and nature conservation. Action receives the necessary support animal through its numerous members. It is the usage of the contact person on the spot, the Member care in Berlin, the offices in Munich and Berlin, the specialist outpatient clinic and the partners in whole Germany thanks to, that action animal a great acceptance is taken also from other animal welfare organisations and political bodies. PR contact: action animal – people for animals e.V.


Kenya and Tanzania have next to the Serengeti room after another, huge areas of their territory as nature reserves. Missing sweeping taxation systems, an inefficient administration due to lack of modern data technology, but corruption to ensure that these nature reserves are high deficit until today. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info. Both countries are like voram drip of the industrialized nations. Also the reserves would have been without long anymore to maintain international aid and donations. In Kenya and Tanzania, 10-20% of the State area can be used as agricultural acreage climatically limited, just once. Realistically, the entertaining nature protection areas – without a significant increase in the Einnahmesituationund prevent taxation – improving the nutritional situation of fast-growing native population.

Repeatedly, on-site, this leads to conflicts. Acceptance of the nature reserves is dwindling in the wide, armenBevolkerungsschicht steadily there. The land reforms adopted by previous Kenyan Governments, pastoral living verbundenmit the expulsion Tribes from agriculture areas, could increase the population and their Viehbestandeim Mara eco-system during the last decades to the zigfache. The abundance of feed for dieViehzucht in the Maasai Mara there resulted in the settled life of the previously pastoral living Masai. Since then ensures ongoing conflicts constantly growing, strong competition for food between the livestock of the Maasai and the local wildlife in the Masai Mara and causes high falls in the Wildpopulationen.Dieses problem is expanding all the time not only in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. In many other conservation areas of East Africa, there is the same problem and also leads to relevant conflicts and decline of wild populations.

Even earlier than completely safe prestigious, large Lowenpopu lationen East Africa have declined by 70%. They are hunted InTansania even further because of high revenues from hunting tourism. In Kenya, the Lowenpopulationmittlerweile has reached a critical point, that there in less than 20 years with their extinction in derfreien nature must be expected.

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