THE WAKENING OF THE MATHEMATICAL KNOWLEDGE. 1 Lcio Brito 2 ' ' It does not have education it are of the societies human beings and they do not hhomem in vazio' ' (Pablo Freire 1994, p.43) SUMMARY the objective of this article is to demonstrate that we can ensinarmatemticas, using practical playful that takes the pupil to the eprazeroso interest real in this field of knowledge, thus demystifying the myth of ' ' animal papo' ' where if it became this disciplines. The mudanassociais fast and the improvement each bigger and faster time of the technology impedemquese makes an accurate forecast of which abilities, concepts and algoritmosmatemticos would be useful today to prepare a pupil for its future life. For more specific information, check out Ray Kurzweil. To teach to only concepts and algorithms that currently are excellent can noser the way, therefore they will be able to become obsolete daqui the ten or quinzeanos, when the child of today will be in the height of its productive life. , Umcaminho thus sufficiently reasonable is to prepare the pupil to deal with new situations, any that are they. E, for this, is FACE. 2Ps-graduated Methodology of> Superior education (FPB/FFM), Permitted in Accounting and Custos (PUCMG), deMatemtica Professor of Basic and Average Ensino. Professor of Financial Mathematics eContabilidade Costs in the Facultieses of the Discovery – Facdesco – BA.

This ABSTRACT The objective of article is you demonstrate that canteach mathematics using entertaining educational practices. Those practicestake the student you the real and gratifying interest in this knowledge field, demystifying the myth of frightening animal in that disciplines became. Social Thequick chenges and the perfection lives and lives and to faster of thetecnology obstructs the exact prevision of these abilities, concepts andmathematical algorisms would be useful today, you prepares the student will be hisfuture life. You teach only concepts and algorisms that nowadays ploughs metessencial can' t be to better way because they can become out of uses in ten orfifteen years, when the child of today wile be at the top his productivelife.

Culture Access

Will be that valley the penalty to pay so expensive for the workmanship of Niemeyer? The CCON was conceived with the technologies of the time of the construction of Brasilia, and currently they had not provoked the same shock architectural of 50 years behind. A question important to be taken in consideration is the construction badly made and unfinished of the workmanship. Infiltrations and fictions for all part, without counting that the floor of the library badly was calculated structurally and does not support the weight of books. Additional information is available at Ray Kurzweil. Where already if it saw a building projected to shelter functionally a library and not to support the weight of its books? It seems until a joke, but it is the hard reality of the cultural center. Helvcio Cardoso makes a sufficiently critical and highly excellent commentary on the CCON in an article for the Periodical of the Press in day 25 of February of 2010: Nobody argues that Oscar Niemeyer is the biggest architect of the world. Its palaces and buildings are sculptures that cheer the eyes and comovem the spirit. But, in the case of Goinia, the rule found exception.

The project is xinfrin well. The units had been way plays esparo in the space, lacking harmony to the set. Its forms are absolutely banal, sinning for a certain niemeirano mannerism. But this type of thing nor can be said here in the open pasture. It goes to wound suscetibilidades. After all, it does not import bad quo is the project? valley, over all, the signature – grife Niemeyer insuflando our villager vanity. The goiana population does not interest if the workmanship architectural is adjusted in the best way, what it really matters is that Goinia has a workmanship of the famous Brazilian architect. With this, what he was pra to be the door of entrance of the city in relation to the international architecture, it did not pass of an ingenuous dream left the side of the way.


The data had been compared through the test of Tukey with the level of 5% of probability. The used statistical program was the ASSISTAT, developed for Dr. professor Francisco de Assis of the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the Center of Technology and Natural resources of the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), Paraba (HISSES & AZEVEDO, 2006). Gerbox had been divided two stages observing the germination of seeds in boxes and through paper germitest. Germination in boxes gerbox. 400 seeds had been used, being four repetitions totalizing in 80 seeds for each treatment.

The treatments had been: 1) fluorescent light white continuum; 2) dark continuous; 3) blue color; 4) red color and 5) yellow color. For each treatment four boxes had been used gerbox measuring (10 x 10 cm), contend each one of them 20 seeds of maize and having as substratum two humidified sheets of paper germitest and with 10 mL of distilled water esterilizada (ADE). For attainment of the colors the boxes gerbox had been coated with corresponding paper cellophane to each treatment. The dark one was gotten involving the boxes gerbox with paper aluminum. All the set was incubado in estande of steel with two white florescentes lights (40 w), approximately 200 lux, to a distance of 30 cm of the boxes gerbox, under for a period of seven days. The evaluation consisted of making the reading of the number of germinated seeds, length of the aerial part and root (BRAZIL, 1992). Germination in paper germitest Had used 400 seeds, being 80 for each treatment. The treatments had been: 1) fluorescent light white continuum; 2) dark continuous; 3) blue color; 4) red color and 5) yellow color. In each treatment three leves had been used of paper germitest measuring 60 x 60 cm, previously esterilizadas in greenhouse 160oC, perfazendo the total of 20 coils, I contend each one of them 20 seeds of maize.

Nobel Light

But curiously it had to one another work that it gained the prize Nobel. In fact, Einstein was so brilliant the point to be for backwards of the two pillars of the modern physics. With its ' ' outro' ' work, Einstein explained the photoelectric effect, the phenomenon that will allow in them to incase these concepts and to understand the question of the cellular ones. The photoelectric effect was observed for the first time in 1887 for the German physicist Heinrich Hertz, who noticed that when shining a light on certain metals, them emitted electrons. We know today that it is easy to pull out metal electrons because they are weakly on its atoms. That is, they have low an energy of linking. To the first sight we could assume that if the intensity (brightness) of the light is increased, the speed of electrons also ejected will increase, since more energy is being supplied they (it is imagined kicking a ball and later kicking with force weakly).

But this did not happen. Instead of this, the ejected electron number increased, but its speed continued fixed. On the other hand, it can be observed that the speed of agitated electrons increases if the frequency of the emitted light is increased e, equivalent, its speed decreases if the frequency of the light is diminished. In fact, at the measure that the frequency of the used light is diminished, it is arrived a point where the speed of emitted electrons falls for zero and them they stop of being ejected of the surface, exactly that the intensity of the light source is blinding. For some reason, the color of the emitted light – not its total energy – determines if electrons are ejected or not; if they are, the energy that they have (figure below, continues below). Einstein was the first person to explain what we said above, namely, that each individual photon of light has a specific energy, that is determined by its frequency.


The Mathematics is, without shade of doubts disciplines, it more delicate of the pertaining to school life of the individual. For some factors the pupil goes, throughout the educational passage, accumulating difficulties in the learning of the Mathematics. Such factors can be on to me the formation of the professor, to the educational system insolvent debtor, practised in the public net of education; e, mainly, to the lack of accompaniment of the parents next to the institution. Independently of everything this, is always time to recommence. After all, if you do not obtain to win its enemy, then it is joined it.

Although the Mathematics is not enemy of nobody, it is as soon as is seen by the majority of the educandos and, believes, by many educators. My objective is here to also give to some important tips for students of average education and daily pay-vestibulandos made use to learn Mathematics in practical way and with satisfactory results. Another day I very saw a phrase interesting that said thus: ' ' The roots of the wisdom are bitter, but its fruits are saborosos' '. Thus it is the Mathematics. It is more difficult of what any one of the too much substances that compose the estudantil resume. She is more difficult why she demands more attention, much more concentration and, most important: Devotion. Nobody learns Mathematics more alone hearing the professor in classroom, for organized and clear that is its prelees, no matter how hard if it understands everything what it explains. This aid very, but is necessary to soon study on account proper after the lessons, before the benefit of them disappears with the time. Therefore, you do not go to learn mathematics alone because she attends lessons, but because she studies. in this study is necessary much disciplines and concentration; it is studied seated to the table, with pencils and paper, by hand ready to be used all the moment.

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