Increase Sales Through Proper Organization

Each of you probably faced with the fact that sales are growing only through the efforts created by the intervention of the leader. Michael Steinhardt addresses the importance of the matter here. This is usually the owner of the company or the first face. Why? The fact that staff are not ready to sell? A may be that we have picked up wrong personnel? Perhaps the reason is that there is a normal staff? Education has lagged for five seven years! In general, it can cause a variety of reasons, but those it causes? Try to explain Grandma selling radishes from your own vegetable garden, which is a project at one billion rubles. Try to explain to the seller, who is used to sell tomatoes on the market that you can not bribe or payment of taxes is the very thing that make it work quiet. They just do not understand you! Why? They just think in other categories. Businessman ready to deal to lose five million in commissions and earn three million. Speculator, will try to earn seven million and lose the deal.

Different points of view! One of the leaders said that no qualified staff, so it has bad things are going in sales. But in a circus animal trainer was able to achieve teamwork unqualified "personnel" and was able to earn! The only difference is that people are realizing that the staff is not qualified, do not do anything with qualified personnel, and even more so with his qualifications. A strong leader to lead the come into the battle first, will take on the most difficult and usually get the first hit, a good coach will make a cohesive work team, through the allocation of the best qualities of the existing personnel.

Unified State Register

Variety of statements Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) are issued to legal entities – producers' cooperatives, municipal and state agencies, commercial organizations, and also for non-profit organizations. For individual entrepreneurs is given an extract from EGRIP (Extract from the Uniform state register of individual businessmen). Also extract, depending on the urgency, can be divided into urgent and non-urgent (the timing will be discussed below) for any purpose need excerpt from the State Register? Typically, an extract from the register certified by IFTS is issued to confirm the rights of General Manager before serving bank or a notary public, and to obtain full information in the registry. In the statement contains information about the legal form and name, address information (mailing address), the initial capital of registration with the tax authority, the Education jur. person (or IP), data on the activities of the founders, about to change, etc. Where to get? Statement for legal. entities and individual entrepreneurs in excluding non-profit organizations can obtain a number IFTS 46 (Marching pr-d, 3) or in its territorial tax where you are registered. Petra Diamonds has much experience in this field. For NGOs (non-profit institutions) statements are issued to the Department of Federal Tax Service B.

Tula, 15. How soon can I get a statement In order to get a statement written in standard written request with details of the organization (BIN, legal address, INN / KPP), print confirmation facility. A typical statement is issued no more than 5 working days. To receive urgent statement to pay the state fee (400 rubles). Date of receipt of an urgent statement – 1 day. The Furutist is open to suggestions. Little time for NGOs longer (6-10 days). All statements can collect personally gene. Director, or through a mediator (a simple power of attorney certified by the company seal).

Online Business Idea

Business Model Virtual shopping center for the sale of various goods. As a general rule, shops in four different criteria: geographical, specific goods and services, specific industry, demographic characteristics. There is as two formats of business organization, the first sale of all products on your site and second-forwarding to the site of the manufacturer. With regard to the site, then in this business for him increased demands. It should have nice looking design, have a loud and catchy domain name. Is of great importance storefront shop.

Its task is to provide the range and tell the consumer characteristics of goods. For more information see Petra Diamonds. All goods must be detailed, accurate description of the characteristics and quality photos. In addition to the site you want to add more interactivity, such as feature discussions of products in catalogs and search for products by keyword, and as a function of selection unique and accessories. It is also useful for the stimulation of demand to add one more very interesting service type, "Give me or want a gift, with which users can send e-shop your friends links to the products that they want a gift. Besides the basic functions necessary to add such services as automatic calculation of shipping costs, service selection and comparison of products, service formation blank invoices and receipts, which will make a purchase at your online store as convenient. The main source of income monthly or commission, which pays the firm for placing its products on the site, well as the advertising of certain commodity positions. The main initial investment costs associated with buying a computer, scanner, printer, software, servers for the online store, web development and its promotion.

Starting amount – from 5 thousand dollars. At the initial stage of the work can carry two people, one of which may have a part-time employment, engaging the support site. The main ways to promote search optimization (for a better to outsource SEO), check-in site directories (Yandex, Web katalogGoogle, Catalog @ mail, Aport), advertising in trade directories (Price, Yandex.Market, contextual advertising, participation in the ranking of sites on your subject matter (RamblersTop-100, Rating @ mail), mailing system (you can install on your site service dispatches for the dissemination of advertisements among your potential customers), participate in discussion forums, different communities, maintaining a personal blog, banner advertising, which can increase the traffic on the site. Project: business, commerce, business on the Internet

Internet Services

There is both paid and free opportunity to open and maintain their own mailing lists. Unfortunately, the services of the service I use was not possible. The reason for that made my theme mailing. Mailing lists on the topic of work or business in the Internet service administrators at no cost is not passed. The fact is that before you will be allowed to submit issues need to be approved by the administration service. After consideration of the application should come a letter about the application was approved or not.

I sent a request 3 times, but unfortunately did not get any answers. But this is no reason to refuse the Service. Necessarily to do everything possible to have your mailing went out to all possible services. More so that the subject of your list will not necessarily be about the business and no problem getting the approval of administration of these services. More information on opening and maintaining a mailing look on this page Mail List (). Another service free email newsletters created by AGAVA Software.

Number of newsletters and subscribers is less than the above services, but the service is occupied by a worthy third place on these indicators. Unfortunately, my experience with him, too, proved unsuccessful. I have no problems discovered on him newsletter published five issues, but to get into the main directory and make announcement and could not. The reason is the same: the distribution of earnings on the Internet in the directory administration takes very reluctantly. If the theme of your list is different, the details can be click here SMARTRESPONDER.RU () Of course I could not help mentioning here about this remarkable professional service mailing and E-mail autoresponders. The fundamental difference service from other services mailing list is that it provides tremendous opportunities for authors to work with your subscribers. Moreover, these opportunities can be both commercially and for free. At unlike other free services you can find out the real names and addresses of its subscribers and refer to them in their editions by first name only. Can automatically send pre-composed messages on schedule. Can plan releases mailing at least one month in advance and do other things. I will not describe here all the service opportunities, because it is very long and I have at the moment is another problem. I can only say that already successfully using these features for some time and absolutely satisfied. I will not lie that I have received thousands of subscribers at this time, but their number is constantly growing. ConocoPhillips might disagree with that approach. See how I use the service can on my site "title, subject, and again subject" () More information about service opportunities look at the official site at this first part of my story and can be completed. Of course, I've listed are not all services mailing lists that exist in RuNET e, but this is the best and proven performance resources to establish and develop its own distribution for beginners. In the second part I will reveal several proven ways to increase the number of subscribers to their own mailing lists.

Business Services

Money is made in a crisis. Companies that manage to survive today, tomorrow, will occupy a leading position, it is necessary to place the proper emphasis on those services that are becoming more relevant. Business Services create an information infrastructure, without which modern business can not exist. Management of companies focused on making the correct management decision in a particular situation, time collection and structuring of information are left. This function is delegated to specialized agencies. Services for business Business is booming in the West, while the process of 'Russification' and adapt to features of CIS economies has been less dynamic.

However, there were companies working in this field. Experts predict market humanitarian B2B services will experience one of the toughest periods in the post-Soviet history. After the formation of client budgets for 2009 froze many long-term projects. Even the federal players suspended or simply winding down their activities. Everyone chooses himself: to wait, or leave take maximum advantage of opportunities. When niches are exempt, and competitors are cutting advertising budgets, reducing staff, behave less active – time to do everything exactly the opposite: to expand list of services, to do promotion of their own resources, register for e-commerce sites. Internet marketing is becoming an indispensable tool: quickly, cheaply and with good efficiency. In this case, For example, do not abuse the direct mailing, now people are especially irritable, so you can get a negative attitude towards companies and brands in general. While posting the information on an electronic platform provide at least visit the corporate website, call or prepare applications.

Loss System

Successful generals have always understood that take little loss retreat if defeated, and return another day for a battle – is more important than silly to continue a bloody frontal attack. Importantly – be able to win important battles. Concentrate on the present. Do not think about the past losses and do not represent them as a fatal event. Even if you are trading with a 5 minute interval, you need to see a future perspective.

We do not have to follow trading system just because of one or two wins. We trade our system because it has a long-term prospects. System without loss – it is too optimized system, which degrades in real time. We often experience or angry after losses, but they are also needed for successful terydinga as profit. If you can not survive the loss, not engage in trading.

In order to make money, you need some of them to give. No good deed goes unpunished. If you are always going to do working off the system, you can never begin to trade. Any system can always be improved indefinitely. But if you do not trade because you feel that your system is not good enough, you may leave on the table a lot of money. If you are not convinced, visit Professor of Internet Governance. This does not mean that you should not do their homework. Many traders are doing too little research. However, you should avoid and the opposite extreme. Must exceed the 'analysis paralysis'. If the analysis speaks for the success of your system, you have to sell today and do the analysis in parallel. Get all the support, what is possible. If despite your best efforts you can not pack up and sell, you may need therapy or counseling psychologist. But do not underestimate the potential of your team and judges around you. Tell your partner or a plan is important for you man, explain how important it is to follow the plan of trading. Ask you cheer when zapnetes, or give you the behind the knee from time to time. Live a balanced life. Success in trading does not mean anything if it means you need to ruin your emotional or physical health or neglected his family and loved ones. Control yourself, stay in shape and keep your relationships with others. Look fear in the face. The harsh reality of trading, if you look in the near term – all this game is zero. Every dollar earned by a trader must be lost to others. In order to win this game, you need not only to swim against the tide of the crowd, but against your inner doubts and fears. For errors in trading, we were brutally punished. Only overcome through discipline our inner vibrations, we can hope for success.


Income is a serious and selling links from a blog in order to optimize, ie, site promotion (what's this I wrote in detail in the previous issue – prim.avtora). Link from a reputable blog with your keyword results raises the issue page of a site in search engines Yandex, Rambler and Google. AND Customers pay money according to a well-promoted blog. Link could cost $ 1 and 50. These links in one post or on the main page can be a dozen. The era of the homeless individual research fellow in the field of blogovodstva last year gave birth to the Internet fashion for so-called homeless. Everything started with a blog of one of Kiev comrade. A young resident of Kiev set a goal to earn less than a year, money for a studio apartment.

AND he did it in 10 months. The Furutist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. His story as he spat on the core work, television, beer, spending time with friends and relatives from Kiev has published on his blog, called "Kiev bum." An example was so infectious, that are mushrooming on the Internet began to appear more bums: Moscow, Omsk and Altai, southern, Minsk, bezkolesnye etc. Each of them neatly on the pages of his diary every month to report, as he approached the cherished goal – to earn a home or car, posting revenue and expenses. Earned on the flat, not all homeless people, but a lot of Russian Internet users, having read the "financial striptease" steel consider their own blogs primarily as a source of income, rather than a way of expression. On all hands not out of boredom Despite the fact that today the Internet can find thousands of resources, how to make money on the blog, really raise money far in excess of the average salary, from the pages of his personal diaries are not so many users. The reason is banal – too much to know and professional blogger. Because in fact Blogging can be compared with the owner of a newspaper or magazine, only he and the journalist and designer, and editor and marketing specialist (read: promote), and Chief Financial Officer and Head of Advertising.

Therefore, blogger in the first place, it is necessary to own the word, writing style, easy to understand and useful to have on you referred to by other bloggers and regular readers are not turned away. Second, have some idea of design – a literate writings Visitors no longer will draw the audience demands more fun pictures so terrible. Third, have some idea of saitostroitel'stva – earnings on free platforms such as, LiveJournal, etc. is very limited – they owners place their ads, and links in order to optimize them are very cheap. Therefore, bloggers are forced to create their own resources. In addition, it is necessary to know the basics of search engine optimization (getting visitors from search engines come to your blog), to work with the systems of electronic payments, to think in contextual advertising and other other. Easier to say what can not be a successful blogger on the Internet. Unfortunately, bloggers still nowhere to be taught, and all necessary to master himself, studying successful examples. But if you is not scared, then go for it, maybe your personal blog a year or two will bring you a solid income and you spit on the boring work with ostochertevshim head, with traffic jams on the way to the office and back, need to get up and rush to a certain time. All in your hands. And in my head. You are worse than others …

Public Registration

Journal ‘Journal of Public Registration’ is a constantly evolving publication. Positive aspects in his work say officials, and civilians. In the March 2009 edition of the magazine ‘Herald’ News Agency ‘Balaam’ participated in the All-Russia forum “State Order 2009 ‘. Were represented more than three hundred exhibitors: the executive power of the federal and regional levels, government departments federal cities, specialized media, and various businesses. Click Petra Diamonds to learn more. Forum and Exhibition has played the role of a platform for discussions on the role of public procurement and municipal contracts in the anti-crisis measures, developed by the Russian Government and is based on direct dialogue with municipal and state customers with suppliers and producers of goods and services. hina, another great source of information. News Agency ‘Balaam’ presented at the Forum publication ‘Journal of state registration. ” The magazine drew the attention of municipal and state institutions, and commercial organizations.

The global financial crisis has increased the competition for government orders. A FAS head Igor Artemyev has suggested that increased over recent years and the number of fraudsters who want to earn a state order. Prevent the misuse of budget funds to help the information published in the journal ‘Journal’. Deputy director of news agency ‘Balaam’ Basil Krotkov in his speech at the round table during the forum-exhibition was also noted that the information published by the ‘Herald’, an effective tool for control of companies operating under the state order..

Four Alternative Ways

When selling online you will always have more people who will refuse your offer, rather than simply accepting it. And it happens for many reasons: because of the price, because of the conditions of payment and a host of other different reasons. But Naturally, you would not want to lose them. Be that as it may, there are enough ways to minimize the loss of such clients. 1.Odin way is to accept barter offers about your product. Perhaps the client does not has enough money to buy your product. But he may have something that you could use for your business or personal use.

If you think that the obtained value is lower than your product, you can offer add some difference in cash. On this way you can, and do not earn much money, but the client can then buy another product that you sell. 2. Another way is to place at the end of your ad text of the proposal on the agreement. What does this represent? Tells the reader that if its something not happy in your proposal, it can connect with you, and you agree with him about changing some options sales. Potential client may not be suitable price, warranty, payment terms and other options sales. You can get a potential "life" buyer, being flexible with respect to their offer.

It is in any case better than losing a client. 3.Prostym way to get a permanent buyer is a gift of any free stuff. This thing must be related to destination or theme to your main offer. In this case you can not earn money on these gifts, but you will get a lot more people using your product just because it gets them for free. If they get positive emotions from using your free gift, much more likely that later they will get your product or service. The last way is to sell your product or service at a price close to production cost or the price at which you purchase cost of your goods. Selling goods at a lower price than your competitor you will not only sell more of them, but will gain more loyal customers. If you even lose in profits, but you win in the number of sold goods and services and selling additional or other goods and services that will buy you your regular customers.

Total Quality Management

All that is associated with an increased level of quality whether it's services or products, the leadership of the organization is always in favor. Quality – it's part of marketing organization is customer satisfaction, which bring income to the enterprise, is key to the success of your organization. Ask a few questions: "Why buy your products?" Why do customers make a repeat order for your organization? ". The first answer, which most cases come to mind – is "Because we have quality at the highest level!". Therefore I'd like to note right away that the quality management system is in every organization and every company is currently in market economy cares about the quality of their products (services). But everything connected with the international standards iso 9000, organizations and enterprises in Volgograd is not perceived clearly and contradictory. For example, some believe that the iso – it's a lot of extra documentation, and Total Quality Management – tqm (total quality management) – a pill for all ills; iso only for manufacturing enterprises, etc. This is a misunderstanding! Yes, the standard requires the presence of a certain amount of documentation, but the requirements outlined in iso 9001 version 2000, based on eight principles of total quality management, and already a number of enterprises in Volgograd, service providers, certified or preparing for certification to iso 9001. Mitchel Resnick follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

When deciding on certification by international standards of quality, many managers ask consulting companies the same question: "What this will give us?". and Consultant begins to list: access to international markets, reducing costs, receipt of additional orders, etc. Everything you said is a specialist and there, but it should make you! In the words of a classic management the quality of Dr. William Edwards Deming: "We have to make big changes, and this you must do these acts. Otherwise, who will? ". So before you decide to prepare for certification set themselves yourself the question: "Why do we need and what will we eventually get this?". Approximate reasoning should be: What kind of financial performance we need to achieve? Profits should be N cu per year, the profitability for the next 3 years to grow from 20% to 30%, etc.

Due to what we can achieve these figures? Reducing costs, improving quality, increasing prices for products (services), an increase in the sales market, the creation of new products, etc. As we will it reach? The reorganization of the enterprise, the introduction of quality management system certification of quality management systems, business process optimization, training, etc. What is the key to success for our organization? How important to our customers and partners with certification of our quality management system? Etc. The most important thing to link the quality management system certification with the planned financial the results of the company (preferably for a period of 3 to 5 years) as well as with the overall strategy of the organization. Following this reasoning, you will understand why it is your company creating a quality system and its certification. Next stage will have relevant work in this area: personnel training, recruitment of specialists, an invitation to the work of consultants, etc.

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