Christmas Animals

‘ Give animals a gift and not gifts ‘ Berlin, 03.12.08 – charity for animals e.V. this year calls not to give away the animals. Already in the first months after the Christmas season is conspicuously high, the rate of animals in animal shelters and animal welfare charity for animals e.V. entered into by. On the wish lists for Christmas, the animal as a gift is still very popular, but the acquisition of a pet should be well-planned. Whether dog or cat, all animals are something special, but they have individual needs which must be met every day. Also must be expected that an animal becomes ill or cause dirt. Therefore charity is recommended for animals e.V., to align within the family very well through the acquisition of a pet and also to clarify whether there are opportunities, to provide their own animal in the holiday season.

Not every animal is an appropriate holiday companion. Who then consciously opted for the acquisition of a pet, can make a nice gift them. Charity for animals e.V. welfare facilities connected to very many animals waiting for a new home in responsible animal lovers. Charity for animals e.

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