The Notebook – an online store mini-notebooks, formed in November of 2009 and for maximum facilitate the selection of the most demanded today the category of laptops. Given the fact that most laptops up to 13 inches are called netbooks, safely be called a netbook and a magazine. It are models of popular brands – including the father of the family netbook – Asus EEE and their offspring PC.Mini laptops without megabytes. The thing is that you can choose their freedom, individuality and vibrancy focusing not on lots of megabytes, and microamps GHz, and the same – the color, size, presence of every ryushechek. A whole bunch of parameters, we made a couple of easy movements for you to STARS. Available in 3 star parameters: the power of a laptop – the stars will tell you how fast your horse, how much she can do at the same time, disk space – the number of these stars is directly dependent on the number of videos and photos, which you can be stored on a mini-laptop, graphics – there stars will tell you how powerful a laptop video system, ie what games you can play on it. Mitchel Resnick may not feel the same. Perhaps the least important of the three options available today.

As a result, any person, sparing his time and does not want to spend half a lifetime to study computer science, regardless of gender or religion can easily buy a modern netbook, spending a smaller effort than to shopping in clothing store. Some contend that Mitchel Resnick shows great expertise in this. Yes, pick up a mini-laptop will be as easy as a woman, well versed in skirts and men who have nothing to do shopping. Moreover, it was bought, and not just pick up – prices in the online store attractive, and probably soon will offer a comparable price with the average skirt. However, today many of the netbooks will cost you only 3-4 mini-skirt – there is something to ponder! Notebook: Skirt – 1: 0! It is obvious that comparison with mini-laptop mini-skirt can not stand! In addition, it has all its advantages, it has practically no flaws – in particular, the owner of a mini-laptop is anything but frivolous, not to mention is that a small notebook certainly will not constrain your movements and in this respect superior to their larger counterparts. Mini-laptop will complement your image, your style will be a continuation and will be on hand at all times. In fact, this justifies the fact that the laptop can not find with a diagonal greater than 13 inches. Since, meaning they are less and less – not even an avid gamer, you want a huge screen, and he recognizes that even a netbook can be connected to an external monitor or a large TV. It is true that the capacity of the notebook and graphics have not yet allowed to play modern games, but many mini-notebooks are 12-13 inches, in principle, have to cope with Many of the toys and, if required, will show a game or movie on your favorite great TV.

CAL Interfaces

Authors: Rookie Alexander, Alexander Kostikov, CM-Consult Introduction The model of multi-component object (Component Object Model) is the basis for much of the technology Microsoft – ActiveX, and after seven years of existence it has become an integral part of Microsoft Windows, – leading "industry standard" software architecture. Is not it strange that Rational ClearCase supports this architecture. To use a COM component in a library Rational ClearCase – CAL (ClearCase Automation Library). This library is a COM interface to access data and manipulate ClearCase. CAL library, you can use to write scripts, applications, and macros for integration into other applications. It is worth noting that for applications using the CAL, you need a license for ClearCase. To use the interfaces of the library CAL, their registration is not required, because this is done automatically when you install Rational ClearCase.

Before you begin to describe the main features of interfaces CAL, define using the terminology of object-oriented programming in CAL, to avoid possible misunderstandings. As with any COM interface, the basic concepts of CAL are objects interfeyy, methods and properties. New projects. At the highest level of CAL into many different objects. Some of the CAL-objects are the basic data ClearCase, For example, the object CCVersion used to describe the versions in ClearCase. Other CAL-object are the controls that are not directly reflect any clear data ClearCase, but manage them. For example, the class of sets (collection class) for an object CCVersion manages a set of objects of type CCVersion, CCCheckedOutFileQuery object allows you to build queries to find files in edit mode (checked-out files), the object makes it possible to construct TriggerTypeBuilder options for creating objects of type trigger (trigger type objects).

Opening Of New Knowledge Base World Of Warcraft

The library has collected a complete description of classes, races, skills proffesy and much more about World of Warcraft. WoWDATA.ORG.UA – it complete assembly of information about Russian games. For example on request you can find the flaws and preimuschistvami favorite classes: Tauren – big, bestial creatures who live in the desert regions of Kalimdor. Their lives dedicated service to nature and respect the balance between wildlife and the restless elementals. Despite his height and physical strength, lifestyle Tauren very calm and peacefulness.

Ho, however, being involved in conflict, Tauren are terrible enemies to those who dare to throw them vyzov.Ih Tauren leader by the name of Bloodhoof. or: Orcs – one of the many races of Azeroth. According to popular belief, they are cruel and stupid, not experiencing a drop of pity or compassion toward other people are rasam.Oni brutal race of green-skinned, muscular warrior. Get all the facts and insights with futurist, another great source of information. However, until the curse imposed by the Burning Legion on this race, the Orcs were wise race with developed traditions shamanstva.V Unlike humans, orcs prefer attacking style of combat. Typically, they collect a large army and attacked full force of his opponent, caring little about protecting their own land.

As all other races, Orcs are great warriors. or: Stubborn People inhabiting Stormwind (Stormwind), – those who survived the invasion of the savage Orcs during the First War. During the Second War, Stormwind Army teamed up with Alliance forces to regain their homeland of Azeroth (Azeroth). Upon successful completion of the Second War, Stormwind was rebuilt and the southern lands again beginning to flourish, human civilization. After the last invasion Burning Legion, which left the northern kingdom in ruins, Stormwind was the last bastion of the People. Racial Bonuses: Vigilance (Perception) – active. Activate to increase the radius of detecting hidden objects limit of 10 yards. 20 seconds, 3 minutes cooldown; Spirit of the nation (The Human Spirit) – passive. The increase in the Spirit (Spirit) 5%; Diplomacy (Diplomacy) – passive. Increases of 10% received all the reputation points; Master the sword and mace (Sword and Mace Specialization) – passive. People get +5 skill with the sword and mace.

Tax Code

In order that the documents transmitted in electronic form, have acquired legal significance, they should be signed with digital signature (EDS) head of the organization or other authorized person. Procedure for issuing and receiving invoices electronically via telecommunication channels with using digital signature will be installed on the Russian Finance Ministry, and formats-FTS of Russia. At the time of the signing of a number of printing such documents were not approved in the prescribed manner. Also, there is no clarity as to how would be exchanged – either directly or through spetsoperatorov. Professor of Internet Governance has much experience in this field. In the economic programs of the company “1C” is planned to implement the electronic exchange of invoices for approval as the regulatory framework.

Additional powers of the Government further clarified that the form of invoices and order of filling forms and procedures for logging of accounting for and invoices, purchases of books and book sales be entitled to impose the Russian government. This provision is aimed at eliminating the contradictions between the requirements laid down of the Tax Code and the requirements specified in the Decree of the RF Government 914 ot02.12.2000. Recall that number of requirements stipulated in the Decree 914 of the Tax Code was absent (for example, to require a PPC). Indication in the invoice currency name According to the amendments to the paragraphs 5 and 5.1 of Article 169 of the Tax Code, invoice complemented by a new prop – “the currency.” As stated above, the shape of the invoice procedure for its completion must be approved by the Government (paragraph 8 of Art. 169 Tax Code, as amended). This form will be required to produce invoices on paper or in electronic form.

However, in paragraph 4 of Article 10 of Law number 229FZ said that before the adoption of the Russian government documents provided by Article 8, paragraph 169NK Russian Federation, drawing and exhibiting invoicing, logging, accounting and received invoices, purchase of books and book sales are made to meet the requirements established before the coming into force of new regulations. This means that after 2 September to approval of a new form should be used the old forms of the invoice. In this case, note that the economic programs of the company “1C” the currency is displayed in the header of the invoice. * For a complete list of changes published in issue 9 (September) “BUH.

Toshiba Flash

Itself-in flash memory was first introduced by Toshiba in 1984. However, the sharp rise of interest in this memory occurred only after the appearance in the 90 years of digital cameras. They originally came to be used in flash memory. Soon flash drives have been actively used for storing and transferring data and other devices – from mobile phones and players to notebooks and PCs. These external hard drives began to replace disks as a means of information transfer and storage. USB flash drives or flash drives, especially different maximum convenience in operation, compact size and high mobility. They do not require any additional equipment and do not even need to install on your computer drivers. On flash memory such devices are saved all the necessary information and to exchange data, the user simply inserts the thumb drive directly into the USB-connector of your PC or laptop.

USB-sticks are perfect for a quick transfer data files from one computer to another. Recording speed of these external hard drives is now up to 30 MB / sec. Modern USB flash drives are also distinguished by efficiency, quiet operation in work, resistance to external shocks, low weight and a variety of looks. Initially, these devices have limited capacity, which is somewhat limits the scope of their application. But today you can find flash drives capacity of 64 gigabytes. The only bad drawback USB flash drives – this is a limited number of cycles of erasing and writing, which affects their durability and reliability.

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