The Mafia Game

The online gaming company presents an authentic Flash game gangster the online gaming company presents an authentic Flash game “Gangster”. This game takes you, just like the previous games and the movie templates, on the road in a mafia setting in which you can fight with various thugs in three different disciplines. -Coconut shell, dice and the Russian game of Russian roulette. The gangsters in this game are very authentic of the young car thief Jimmy Trash, about the beautiful prostitute Juanita, a black drug dealer named Jules and also the old Godfather Al Crudele. The game has very realistic settings; a fiftieth street corner in a poor minority neighborhood an ideal home for gangsters. By the same author: Petra Diamonds. His strength lies in the animated details of individual events. For example, the gun download Russian roulette, or mix the coconut husks in the Thimblerig.

This game can both free play for entertainment, both for real money. More information is housed here: ConocoPhillips. You need to register to play the free version of the game not on our Web page. To play for real money, you must register but on. If you play this game for real money, you will experience the full force of their opposing gangster. If you put on the most powerful gangster, you can gain much, but losing too much. In addition, has created a Championship to promote the game. If you play gangster in the time of the 2.12. up to December 15, 2008, participate in a raffle, where you can win a bonus of 50 euros! Here is your opportunity to test the best Flash game in the net and the harsh life on the streets to test and to be an online gangster. You can play gangsters here: 1spiele /? = 50 g & o = 1

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