Unleashing And Sensual Delights In The Herrenhauser Gardens

Art Festival Herrenhausen: 27 May-19th June 2011 in Hannover after the successful launch last year the mansions are gardens from May 27 to June 19 2011 during three weeks stage and scene of the 2nd KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen. Under the direction of Elisabeth Schweeger, devoted to the theme of unleashed worlds International Festival this year “and brings a versatile interdisciplinary program with 30 or so held for 24 days to Hanover. This year’s guests including Vivienne Westwood, Roger Willemsen, Patricia Petibon, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Heiner Goebbels, the Venice Baroque include resonance, the Musicbanda Franui and the ensemble Orchestra, Il Giardino Armonico, Ensemble Modern. The versatile range of KunstFestSpiele old and new music, music theatre, installations, performances and film concerts. Opens the Festival with a speech of the renowned British sociologist Lord Anthony Giddens and a kick-off event designed specifically for the KunstFestSpiele, the thought of the Baroque Festival picks up and reinterpreted with contemporary means. This one of the most fascinating and creative international stars of fashion won the London designer and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Their Couture shapes the musical theatrical opening night of directed by Ludger Engels along with music from George Frideric Handel’s oratorio Semele.

Among other highlights of this year’s KunstFestSpiele international guests such as the composer and Director Heiner Goebbels, who will be present with his evening Max Black, or the flame Josse de Pauw, the newest piece be de hung will show. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Keshav R. Murugesh and gain more knowledge.. “The Director David Marton, the German stage magazine” named to the Opera Director of the year 2009, edited Wagner’s Rheingold with new views of the Nibelung myth. The world-famous soprano Patricia Petibon, regular guest on the major opera stages, is at the KunstFestSpielen Herrenhausen her unconventional, published on CD program for the first time in Germany Rosso with interpretation of Italian Baroque Arias before. Also for a baroque concert of extravaganza guaranteed the ensemble Il Giardino Armonico under Giovanni Antonini conducted with the singers Roberta Invernizzi and Bernarda Fink.

Staatstheater Oldenburg

“” Two short operas at an evening ‘ death knocks’ and ‘The Emperor of Atlantis’ both when death knocks “as well as in the Emperor of Atlantis” is the death in the center of the action. The Staatstheater Oldenburg to a feature-length program combines both one-act play. The two operas illuminate the death from two very different angles. Macabre for the small”in death knocks provides all none other than woody. His death knocks”is the template for Christian Jost’s eponymous Opera from 2001: a grotesque two-person piece, plump filled with slapstick comedy and musical surprises. “” “The untranslatable play on words of the title is an additional point: death knocks”means not only that the death knocks on the door”, but also that he stands out in the card game”.

In death knocks an attractive female death wants to pick up the philanthropic Nat Ackermann: Nat Ackermann comes home, you want to enjoy the evening. Let it snow”humming it lies on the couch, when suddenly the death in the form of a very attractive lady through the window falls. It is their first assignment and it easy for Ackermann, to persuade them to a game of gin rummy. Brandy and Schokonussen will lose a game after another and does not recognize that Ackermann pulls it over the table. That is of course crackling erotic.

And the sympathy values be placed also on the head: the death one I’m almost sorry while his victim is a businessman with all waters washed. At cheered by the realization that he will win the next game, he throws out death. A typical Woody Allen-situation. “Here, but also the American comedian had his model the situation is actually a parody of a film by Ingmar Bergman, the favorite Director of Woody Allen: because death plays chess with his victims”. The motive is there but also in many cultures.

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