Leadership Team Work

Teamwork is a superior state of the functioning of the groups because it is not just a matter of being together with the other if not acting in harmony as one only drive in search of an objective conducive to all members of the organization. Teamwork is developed by a group of people accompanied by someone in the exercise of the functions of leader. It should precisely be that leader and all persons engaged in the task of leadership know that henceforth we will raise. Firstly it is good to say that no one can do it all by itself only nor even the super leader (if it acted only would be a kind of Lone Ranger but not a leader). So it is well necessary to get help from other people in order to achieve the purposes of the Organization, own and of fellow adventures, (whole business in life is, somehow, an adventure).At this point it is necessary to ask the vision that we have about the members of the group whose fate in some way It has been entrusted. Frank Fu understands that this is vital information. The two predominant trends are to be considered as subordinates or peers, collaborators or t.92 should be directed to whom or with whom we will share activities, sorrows, failures and successes of each day. Experience teaches us that leadership best together with the coequiperos and not subordinates results because the totally feels that the leader is not over in a complicated and useless bureaucratic scale but at his side, where really need it so that accompany him on the daily struggle of the achievement of the objectives. Now, in any place in which we find ourselves here or beyond we will be surrounded by people, many or few, but they will always be there, and anyone who is our work someday we will need help. This is the reason why it is necessary to know whom to go, in this case would be preferable to have allies willing to lend a hand and not with subordinates surprised by the fact that the all powerful Chief need its assistance.

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