Russian Green Teas Kusmi For Fall

Already in the old Russia, Kusmi was still the supplier of the Czars in St. Computer Sciences Corporation is likely to agree. Petersburg, one armed himself at the Court with tea for the cold season. To mobilize the defences again in the autumn, troika, Green St. Petersburg and green tea Zoubrovka Kusmi tea introduces his three Russian green teas green. Rich in Antioxidatien and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and E, green tea protect against free radicals and boost to the immune system. Green troika named after the coach of the Russian Tsar, which was drawn by three horses, this tea is named troika”.

Is the Chinese green tea with bergamot, Orange and Tangerine flavoured and by its refreshing citrus flavour are reminiscent of the late summer. He can pur or drink sugared. Catalyst may help you with your research. 250 g Tin of green troika pulling duration: 3-4 minutes water temperature: 70 C prices: 250 g Tin: 17,90, 125 g box: 11.70 of Green St. Petersburg as a tribute to the founding city of Kusmi teas St. Petersburg, created the tea manufacturer that traditional black tea mixture St Petersburg. For the Green St. Petersburg, Kusmi tea has cast off the black tea recipe and replaced the black by Chinese green tea.

Flavoured with citrus fruit, red fruit and caramel this tea tastes gentle and fresh. 250 g Tin of Green St. Petersburg draw duration: 3-4 minutes water temperature: 70 C rates: 250 g Tin: 17,90, 125 gr.-WT.: 11.70 green Zoubrovka scent grass also bison grass called Zoubrovka lends a pleasant grass and fresh tea. The included licorice sweetens the Chinese green tea in a natural way. The tea can slightly sweetened or pure drink. 250 g Tin green Zoubrovka drawing duration: 3-4 minutes water temperature: 70 C rates: 250 g Tin: 17,90, 125 gr.-WT.: 11.70 points of sale in Germany: Oschatzchen, Hamburg; Galeries Lafayette, Berlin; Aroma coffee, Munich; Petersen good food, Frankfurt a. M.; Patisserie Imori, Frankfurt a. M.; Gmeiner, Baden Baden; L ‘ Apero, Cologne; Vintage, Hahn Street in Cologne online boutique: media contact: Classic communication Sascha Magorimbo 15, rue of the Ponchettes 06300 nice. France classic communication * is a german French communication agency based in Nice. We are specialized in the areas of French Delicatessen, lifestyle and beauty and provide information in German language directly from France German media as a competent partner quickly and reliably.

Straws – More Than Just To Drink There!

They are far more than the name suggests, they are decorative in bars and inspire artists: straws the straws, straws also called, are among the things which are usually even not perceived. Straws are easy and are not observed, although they are used every day millions all over the world. We take straws for granted. It is at straws as well as with all other things also, that there was not always on our beautiful blue planet. At some point there was a human being who has invented the drinking straw. This man’s name was Marvin C. Stone. Anyway, he was the one who in 1888 has the drinking straw patented.

The origin of the straws is but much, much further back in the past. Because allegedly knew already the ancient civilization of the Sumerians in the year 4000 BC the straws and were used from this drink, too. The material from the straws were made earlier, was straw. This is also the reason why even today colloquially known as uses the expression straws instead of the actually correct designation of straws. The straw of course by the industrialization of the years better so more hygienic and durable material replaced by: plastic. Mainly polyethylene or polypropylene is used for the production of straws. The resulting drinking straws are both mechanically and chemically very stable and soften only at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

For use in hot drinks should be used provided straws rather specially, otherwise maybe you experienced a nasty surprise. Many wholesalers for straws to customers, to print the selected straws with logo, business address or slogan. So that this is possible, the straws but initially subjected to a special treatment. Because without appropriate pretreatment, made of polyethylene not for printing or use of suitable at all. But straws meet not only the very mundane purpose the fluid intake. They are also excellent for decoration. What would be a chic beach bar without a container with colorful straws? Would cocktails taste as good without the matching, extra thick straws? And Sangria out of buckets at the Ballermann would drink straws to the cult without the mega long Sangria has become? Probably not. Straws make always a good figure. Artists have discovered straws for themselves. Many artists were inspired by straws so that they have created stunning works of art out of them. This caused various things such as lamps, pictures, chairs, statues or even a panpipe. All these works of art have a very poppy character that somehow reminiscent of Andy Warhol for the straws. So anyone who thinks drinking straws would be boring and only to drink there, wrong. You are a real eye-catcher everywhere and can be used in many ways. Straws are practical, beautiful and multi-functional. Who starts something consciously perceive it, is start to love them.

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