In modernity, us in we imagined the citizen of the thought and the Land to them its object. New cosmology affirms in them that the Land is the great alive citizen that through us feels, loves, thinks, takes care of and venerates. (BOFF, 2010). The societies contemporaries are characterized by a socioambiental picture that displays the impact of the human beings on the environment, more complex impacts each time, as much in how much qualitative quantitative terms. The concept of sustainable development appears to face the ecological crisis, being that at least two chains had fed this process. Professor of Internet Governance usually is spot on.

A first one that it has relation with that economy influences changes in the boardings of the economic development, notadamente from years 70. One second, second is related with the critical ambientalista to the life way contemporary, and that if it spread out from the Conference of Estocolmo in 1972, when the ambient question gains visibility public, this new model of sustainable development tries, over all, to go beyond the purely economic perspective, considering other pillars that support the life human being. According to GUATTARI (the three ecologias. Campinas: Papirus, 1990) the search for the support requires the joint enters three ecological registers of the environment, the social relations and the subjectivity human being. The urban environment is constituted by a natural environment (hidrogrficas basins, green edges maritime, areas, freticos sheets, ground, subsoil, air fauna and flora). A constructed environment as road, joint system of public constructions, equipment, infrastructure nets. A cultural environment is constituted by its material cultural patrimony and incorporeal, as the urban sets and historical small farms, constructions and too much spaces destined to critical the cultural manifestations It is important to stand out that although the one that has been subject, the concept of sustainable development represents an important advance, in the measure where global Agenda 21, while plain including of action for the sustainable development in century XXI, that it considers the complex relation between the development and the environment in a variety of areas.


Important action when understanding that ‘ ‘ This would carry advances in the direction to review the liabilities archaeological that were without protection and compensation for occasion of the construction of hidroeltricos enterprises in a period in Great Brazil (1964? 1985), where we would see of the legal point of view a regimen of exceo.’ ‘ 5 It is certain that all the study the light of Portaria 28/2003 of the IPHAN, will not be carried through inside of a interventiva form, it will discard thus some stages of the archaeological study, excusing what it determines would carry it 230/2002: that ‘ ‘ from the diagnosis and evaluation of impacts, the programs of compatible prospection and rescue with the cronograma of the workmanships and the phases of ambient licensing of the enterprise will have to be presented, of form to guarantee the integrity of the cultural patrimony of rea’ ‘ , since this does not have interventivo character. However, ahead of these information let us can understand that the studies of preventive archaeology carried through for installation enterprises or regularization of Small Central offices Hydroelectric plants the wire d’ water, does not have to be interventivo, this at least in the areas directly affected: having significant fluctuations of the one IN the one of the reservoir, it is not necessary that taking d? water is projected to take care of the depletions of the one IN having significant fluctuations of the one IN the one of the reservoir, is not necessary that the taking d? water is projected to take care of the depletions of the one IN; in a similar way, when the primary aduo is projected through opened canal, the depth of the same will have to be the possible minor, therefore it will not have the necessity to take care of to the depletions; for the same reason, in the case to have necessity of installation of balance chimney, its height will be minimum, therefore the value of the depletion of the reservoir, which enters in the calculation of this height, is worthless; the barrages will be, normally, decreases, therefore they have the function to only deviate the water for the aduo circuit; as the flooded areas they are small, the values expended with indemnities will be reduced..


Modernity reflects how much the man obtained to advance in the science and the use of the techniques to transform the elements of the nature, becoming them consumption good, however, this condition results in bigger levels of pollution, destruction of the land, comprometimento of the ozone layer, loss of the quality of the water, of the oxygen, indispensable the sustentation of the life. The ecological crisis argued by Leonardo Boff (2004), comes to show how much the man does not obtain to coexist the nature equilibradamente, from the logic of the accumulation, and on behalf of the progress, of the consumption, fetiche that the merchandises present to become them more attractive the consumption, he brings consequncias to the nature, therefore to a large extent, its resources are explored to produce new goods. While the global society to leave of the logic of that ‘ ‘ the engine of the productive process is lucro’ ‘ (Boff, 2004, P. 98), the annihilating actions of the life will be evidentes in the destined actions the accumulation of good in the way of capitalist production, submitting as the plain one, the respect the life, to the man, and the nature. The man vision while center of the necessary universe to be reviewed, so that if it can construct to alternative proposals of respect the diversity, therefore, the condition human being is heterogeneous, that is, it is possible to live and to coexist the different ones to know and practical that historically men and women had been produced by.

The logic of the capital, characterized for the rationality of the time and transformation of the space, everything on behalf of the profit, of the accumulation, must be argued, aiming at to surpass the way of living hegemonic, sobrando time it human being to think, to reflect, to dream. This reality, in the sample how much the man resembles it a machine, that does not stop to work, puts into motion itself in an amazing speed, therefore the time started to be the great social daily villain of and the human one. If it cannot lose time, it is currency, and each as of the life human being it must have judgments of values capable to bring wealth, good, etc. the exploration of the force of work of the man is each more constant time in the scene after-modern, and the life is changedded into mere function, capable to be decimated on behalf of the profit, of the ostentation of the power of minority groups that exert the control on the natural goods. For Boff (2004, p.106), the power if restores as the instance from which everything is organized. This strategy of domination evokes the impulses of everything to command, everything to control, everything to force, everything to fit and of everything to submit. The consequences of the concentration of the power at the hands of a minority that defends the logic of the life from the accumulation idea, comes contributing for the destruction of the nature, using the most sophisticated technologies, and science, the knowledge, controlled for the capital, comes speeding up the process of death of the life and its cycles.

Rio Grande Do Sul

Little if of the attention for other integrant parts of the hidrolgico cycle, as atmospheric waters and the underground, stored in the water-bearing ones. Before any thing, it is important definiz them. ' ' They are the carrying water formations, that store the liquid and allow its exploration for the use of the human being. The reserve of the water-bearing ones is the proper rain water. It can in such a way be a new water, he will be flat or hundreds of anos' ' , Everton explains de Oliveira, hidrogelogos and president of the Brazilian Underground Water Association (Borders).

It affirms that the hdricos resources underground Brazilians are enviable and the country must orient for the use of the underground water in all its potentiality, since that adjusted laws exist prescribed this exploration (OLIVEIRA, 2008, p.27.). As example of the underground water reserve, the hidrogelogo one cites the Water-bearing Guarani, considered the greater of the planet, that if extends for the states of Rio De Janeiro, the Mato Grosso, the Mato Grosso of the South, Gois, Minas Gerais, of So Paulo, of the Paran, of Santa Catarina and the Rio Grande Do Sul, beyond countries as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. ' ' Its capacity of production is cinema thing. 800 for the moment wells exist that arrive to produce m3 ' ' , Oliveira explains. It also cites other advantages of underground waters in relation to the superficial ones. Its natural quality is very superior to the superficial water. The contamination risk is well inferior, because the protection of the proper surface exists.

Moreover, it presents the strategical advantage of distribution. He is much more cheap to supply by means of aquiferos that for the superficial water (Oliveira, 2008, P. 28) underground Water is a main drinking waters matrix, not an alternative source. When an agency says that this is an alternative source is an mistake technician.


Through the technology it can be taken the most diverse information in this direction, what it is not being fact, unless if commemorates the international day of the water, or becomes one I appeal for the TV peace, among others commercial. What I want to esclarescer is that how much bigger the use of these ways for this change better will be the results, added is clearly the developed ambient education in the communitarian schools, centers, agricultural regions, colonies of fishes, where ideas and images can be displayed of what it really happens with the fauna and the flora when they are removed of its environment of origin. I believe that attitudes as these to trace goals, to encourage to the boycotting the purchase and sales of the species, to introduce the community in general an extremely chocking reality of what it happens with the nature can judar sufficiently. ‘ ‘ The awareness of the population will be able to discourage this illegal commerce and only to protect the right to the life and freedom of animais.’ ‘ Necessary that all the people recognize the use of removed goods of the nature as being crime, not only as a light infraction of conscience. This is a difficult work, that demands the permanence of the persistence and the courage to face new challenges, therefore the responsibility of if prioritizing the fiscalization in a complex way, using half diverse to surround the infractors in general getting the aid of the population, so that let us can get resulted positive to each new attempt.

Let us see some situations related of. All these birds had been apprehended of a closed truck that left the Bahia and if it directed for So Paulo. Of the 749 apprehended, 400 had more than died due to the transport without water and food. This is the traffic that you it does not see. This is the real face of the traffic of wild animals. The finger of the bird was broken by the passarinheiro that tried to anilhar the adult animal. This procedure is carried through searching to burlar the fiscalization being made to seem that the animal was born in captivity and was anilhado when youngling. ‘ ‘ Important to stand out that the fiscalization if of also in the reserves and the parks in order to protect the removed flora ilegalmente.’ ‘ These are some of the situations created for the bad use of the natural patrimony of the environment. The majority does not arrive at the destination traced for bad the dealer due ace conditions of transport, feeding and physical space. Removed animals of its nests many times do not obtain to adapt themselves to the captivity.

Capitalist Production Crisis

The IMPORTANCE OF BOARDING INTERDISCIPLINAR FOR COMPLEX PROBLEMS Jarsen Luis I castrate Guimares I. INTRODUCTION last the two decades register a state of deep world-wide crisis. It is a complex, multidimensional crisis, whose facetas the aspects of our life affect all: the health and the way of life, the quality of the environment and the social relations of the economy, technology and politics. It is a crisis of intellectual, moral dimensions and spirituals, a crisis of scale and premncia without precedent in all the history of the humanity. The economic support or support of the development, which was only seen of an angle, without even though taking in consideration the resultant implications of a wild search and irrational of this advance, tends to be worked in another way. This work has left of the principle that the knowledge to interdisciplinar is the base for the solution of the complex problems fruits in the Way of Capitalist Production.

This vision to interdisciplinar, holistic, allied the Theory of Complex systems have much to contribute in the search of the solutions of these problems. For such boarding, the work is subdivided in three topics. The first one deals with the understanding of what it is interdisciplinaridade, what it is method, as well as its description, arriving to make aluso what it is methodology. As it deals with to the boarding to interdisciplinar and the complex problems, appraising complex problems, way of production and characterizing the way of capitalist production, as well as treating specifically to the theory of the complex systems. The last part brings the conclusions concerning the work. 2.

BOARDING INTERDISCIPLINAR the term interdisciplinaridade is present since when the man it starts to search the knowledge of the world, the nature and the proper man. Philosophical science studied the totality of the things. From certain moment in history it had a dismemberment of this totality, that is, sciences if they desmembram of the philosophical one, appearing: medicine, Mathematics, Physics, History, among others.


Materials and Methods the ambient diagnosis of detail is essential to elaborate a digital data base brought up to date in a SIG, with all the georeferenciadas thematic information, from a common base and needs. This base was defined by a Ikonos image, with space resolution of 4 meters, acquired for this specific end. Thus, the elaboration of the map base (map 2) was carried through by the digitalizao of the contours, and the road that surrounds all the island. The place has a maximum length of 10,5 km (direction SO-NE) and 5,7 maximum width of km (IN -); the average contour of the island is of 35,4 km and its 39,9 total surface reaches km (3,990 ha). The road that skirtes the island, partially coated with gross sand, has an extension of 23,9 km.

The elaboration of the socioeconmico data base was carried through through one field research where some information had been collected pertinent. The socioeconmico diagnosis, integrated to the excessively disgnostic sectorial ones and the model of digital rise of the Island, will allow to get a estimate of impact of the projected scenes on areas cultivated e, consequently, on the conditions of existence of the agriculturists. For the generation of the MEDT the attainment of isolinhas of 1 in 1 meter is necessary or less. As these information are not available in existing the topographical letters of bigger detail (DSG), it is necessary to get them for some way. Some methodologies for this exist, as for example, that basing on the overlapping of satellite images and estereoscopia, from which, softwares specific can get the necessary information of altimetry. However, such technique becomes very expensive for analysis of great areas. The map of ground and capacity of use of the land (map. 6) were digitalizado from the original maps of EMBRAPA (CPACT-Pellet). The characterization of ground of the cities of Rio Grande was carried through by W.G.

Digital TVs

The people are if connecting and if communicating in participativa way, interacting each time more, what consequentemente it finishes causing a bigger discernment on what convenient and is desired to them. Each time more, the television comes offering multiple and complex narratives, and of sophisticated character more for a public most enabled in its average. Public this that already does not locate more as mere information sink, and searchs televising experiences excellent, in accordance with the imprevisibilidade of its time. Telejornalismo in the Digital TV In journalistic terms, the interatividade proceeding from the Digital TV will unchain new boardings for the news production. On the other hand, the verification of information, run over for the necessity of the instantaneidade can intervene with the credibility of the propagated facts. Being thus, it will have a necessity to modify the sort of predominant journalism in the emergent televising way. The speeches already could not only be informative, starting to acquire interpretativo character, that contains the opinion of the communicator who is giving service to the user.

Due to possibility of exchange of information made possible between the user and the vehicle of communication for the miditica convergence in the Digital TV, the journalistic companies will come close debtors to explore aspects more attractive of the notice, in a process of feeding and feedback that originates the call society of the spectacle. Being thus, the edition process gains more importance in relation to the substance, and the rescue of the humanizao of the journalistic notice will be a point of shock to the sprouting of the new technologies. For Maciel (1995), the technological advances finish providing more than what only changes techniques in the television. The effect if extend to practical of the telejornalismo, causing ' ' improvement in the quality of the produced information and a bigger rapidity in the spreading of notcias' '.

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