Metabolic Syndrome

If you feed in unbalanced manner, with low intake of fruits and vegetables, with many fats and sugars, and also have sedentary habits, i.e. little activity physics and motion, you spend many hours sitting/o, etc, you can get to this syndrome: syndrome metabolic of sedentariness, as dangerous to health. A poor diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, generates the SM, which combines several symptoms overweight and obesity (especially on the part of the abdomen), high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes of the adult,(azucar elevada), triglycerides (fats) with high levels, good cholesterol (HDL), low. How to can prevent this syndrome so dangerous?: with the implementation of two factors: * a diet balanced with quantity, quality and variety of nutrients, consuming many vegetables and fresh fruits, whole grains, seeds, and limiting the consumption of sweets, animal fat, white flour, alcohol. * Do physical activities: whether walking, practice some sport, or activities such as mowing the lawn, cleaning, etc.Avoid the TV, be sitting hours with daily balanced diet, you will keep in your arteries, oxygenation conditions and purity of blood, you’ll be with energy, your body detoxifies more easily with physical activity, will keep the heart healthy, toned muscles, strong bones, and you’ll be more optimistic and vital. The treatment of the metabolic syndrome consists of treating other underlying diseases.

Therefore, if you have diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, elevated levels of cholesterol or high blood pressure, you should be under the care of a physician and receiving adequate treatment. Exercise and losing weight are useful measures to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In some treatments medications may be given to treat the metabolic syndrome, but the doctor will recommend changes in lifestyle, such as follow a balanced diet, avoid sweets and goodies, limiting fat intake, stop smoking and reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages. For more information visit our website, there you will find tips to prevent disease and improve your life.In addition, you can download free E-Book with balanced diets to lose weight and keep it.

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